On Jesus…


  *a theological conversation between Christian and I on the lake in North Georgia   J: Who or what do you think Jesus is Christian?   C: On one level, Jesus is an embodiment of an active, participatory and liberating love. On another level (and maybe there are no levels) Jesus was human like you […]

Why Kelly Gissendaner Almost Died.


  Kelly Gissendaner almost died for the sins of Christians. When word came in that Kelly’s execution was postponed, I knew why she was almost executed beyond a shadow of a doubt. Having grown up in Georgia and now living in Texas, one grows familiar with these execution processes. Though there was much publicity around […]

My Message at the Funeral of Frances Hood…My Grandmother


We gather this morning at a difficult hour. I have grown accustomed to gathering in times both good and bad in this very room. The Rock Baptist Church is an ancestral and spiritual home for the Hood family. Many of you have gathered with us over the years. I have done much questioning in these […]

doubt the poem


  tears flow you found me fist lands you found me screams condemn you found me people leave you found me hate takes over you found me in the dark chaos you found me but where were you to begin with

Delivered Tonight: A Question for Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins


“My question is for District Attorney Watkins.  My name is Jeff Hood.  I am a Baptist minister and I also serve on the Board of Directors of the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.  I am particularly troubled by the case of our panelist Christopher Scott who was wrongfully convicted of capital murder and […]