The Failed Construct of Diversity


  Diversity is a failed construct. The idea of diversity as sacrosanct is deeply problematic because it is falsely predicated on the notion that having a bunch of different identities in one place means that there is real difference represented. For decades, we’ve accepted and promoted diversity as a means of solving problems of exclusion. […]

On Jesus…


  *a theological conversation between Christian and I on the lake in North Georgia   J: Who or what do you think Jesus is Christian?   C: On one level, Jesus is an embodiment of an active, participatory and liberating love. On another level (and maybe there are no levels) Jesus was human like you […]

Would Jesus March at Dallas Pride?


The many closet doors will be closed tightly at Dallas Pride.  Behind the smiles and drunken debauchery, there will be terror about what it would mean to leave the new normal that many have developed.  Most of the participants will have told their parents and friends about their sexuality or gender, but few will have […]

Remarks to Fort Worth Pastors for Texas Children


  We gather around this table this afternoon because we believe.  We believe that children are important.  We believe that local schools are important.  We believe that local schools are the last entity or institution that exists purely for the common good.  We also are gathered because we believe that the local school is under […]