Book Review: I AM TROY DAVIS


*First published in Fellowship Magazine Summer 2014 //   On the evening of September 21, 2011, I stood outside of the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison. In front of me, row after row of police officers stood dressed in riot gear, slapping their batons against their shields and daring anyone to make a move. […]

The Pilgrimage: A Short Story of a Long 200 mile Journey // June 15


I was not too far over the Brazos County line when a Sheriff’s Deputy rolled up.  Jumping out of the car, the Deputy started a line of call and response with me, “Where are you going?”  “To Austin”  “Walking?”  “Yes, I am walking from Livingston to Austin in protest of the death penalty.”  “Ok…”  Then […]

The End: A Faithful Pilgrimage to Abolish the Death Penalty


  We have garnered much attention around throughout Dallas and Fort Worth and around the Metroplex for the cause of abolishment.  We are very tired…but though our journey has ended…we will not stop walking and struggling for justice.  Tarrant County District Attorney Joe Shannon, Jr. has consistently pursued the death penalty and we have not […]

The Start: A Faithful Pilgrimage to Abolish the Death Penalty


  This morning we are gathered here in Dallas as a faith community to express our frustration at Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins.  We have grown tired of hearing about his moral opposition to the death penalty.  When people are being sentenced to death and executed…moral opposition to the death penalty is not enough.  […]