Jesus Murdered Twice in Bexar County…Merry Christmas.

Kameron Prescott / GoFundMe

  Bexar County, Texas-   Tires screeched. Adrenaline rushed. Time raced. This is what these cowboys lived for. They caught her in the very act of theft. She was going to pay. Did they see a gun? It’s hard to say. But don’t they always see a gun? Such words are always an excuse to […]

Release the Names!: An Address to the Dallas County Commissioners Court

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* Delivered at the Dallas County Commissioners Court on 1/19/2016 Today, I’m here to speak on behalf of the Joseph Hutcheson family. On August 1, 2015 around 10am, Hutcheson parked his truck on the curb outside the Lew Sterrett Justice Center here in Dallas County and hysterically ran up the hill. Upon entering the lobby, […]