The Cold Dead Jesus: A Plea for a Post-Easter Resurrection

Il “Cristo velato” di Giuseppe Sanmartino

  *Easter Message Delivered in Denton, Texas on April 6, 2015   Let’s begin with the excluded God. What does it mean for God to be left out? My mind immediately conjures up a situation at the church I attend, the Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ. Our church was founded to be the […]

A Real Christian in Arizona Saves Jodi Arias’ Life

Jodi Arias looks toward the jury entering the courtroom during the sentencing phase retrial in Phoenix

Wielding a knife and gun, Jodi Arias brutally killed Travis Alexander. By the time her case went to trial, Arias garnered much media attention. Ultimately convicted of murder and facing the death penalty, Arias was saved by a hung jury and prosecutors decided tried again. After the second sentencing proceedings and a long deliberation, jurors […]