Jesus Doesn’t Live In Your Neighborhood


  “I ain’t racist or nothing, I just had to get away from all the crime.” Of course, when anyone says they’re not racist…they are. Curious of the man’s thinking, I enquired further, “Are you sure that’s what it’s all about?” “Well, I also felt like I’d be a better witness for Jesus if I […]

Move Your Ass


  Move Your Ass Get Out of Your Seat We Have Got to Pray for These Streets Don’t Delay We Haven’t the Time To Sit Around and Wait for the Next Crime Move Your Ass Get Out of Your Seats We Have Got to Pray for These Streets Keep Walking Mind Every Crack We Haven’t […]

When Texas Descends into Hell: The Vulnerability of Scott Panetti


  On October 30, I woke up and walked into the bedroom of our three young children.  Our oldest children are twin boys.  Their little bodies were contorted around stuffed animals and producing loud snores.  I watched them sleep for a little while.  The room was still dark.  I walked further in.  Our youngest was […]

The Pilgrimage: A Short Story of a Long 200 mile Journey // June 12 and 13


Roads comfort me.  I often find myself on bright days and dark nights between strips of white and yellow paint.  When I meet him, I often wonder who he is and what he has done with my self.  The confusion lets me know that I am still alive and perhaps growing in my humanity.  There […]

We Can End This: Remarks to the Fort Worth Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Prayer Breakfast


  I believe in God…but most of all I believe in love.  If we believe the writer of 1 John, God and love are synonymous terms.  The question of the death penalty is a question of love.  How far will our love and forgiveness extend?  Will our love span the entire cycle of violence from […]