Writing used to be easy. Now, nothing seems easy. Leaning in, I just stare at the screen. Occasionally, I try to type something. Despite my desperation to write, my mind is held captive to a former place.   Bloody films never leave you. Every image sticks. The officer took his gun and shot Alton […]

Who Are the Real Killers?


  Eddie Ray Routh will spend the rest of his natural life in jail for murdering Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. When I watched the families of Kyle and Littlefield celebrate what they considered to be a triumph of justice, I couldn’t help but wonder about another 160 families who will never get their day […]

Lenten Reflections from the Executed: #491 Ramon Torres Hernandez / November 14, 2012


*These reflections are taken from pieces of the last words of the last 40 persons executed in Texas. Ramon Torres Hernandez-   “Can you hear me?” Before Ramon Torres Hernandez was executed, he wanted to know if anyone could hear him. I cannot count the late nights of prayer where I have laid awake pondering […]