The Vagina of Jesus

Eric Drooker

  *Originally Published July 17, 2015   “How dare you insinuate Jesus had a vagina!” The woman was livid. In my talk, I stumbled on the most disturbing idea she’d ever been presented with. With church doctrine and dogma over the centuries in mind, the thought of Jesus having a vagina didn’t seem too out […]

Where are the Christians?


  Throughout our country, millions of Christians are sitting in church at this very hour. Songs are being sung about loving Jesus. Sermons are being preached about loving Jesus. Communion is being taken as a physical expression of the love of Jesus. Millions of Christians are at church seeking the love of Jesus. The problem […]

On Conflict: Conversations with a Disciple


  *Christian Parks is accompanying me again this summer. Throughout our time together, we will post brief snippets of our conversations.   C: How should Christians engage conflict?   J: Brother Christian, we are called to create moral conflict. We are called to trouble the waters. We are called to cause a disturbance. I’m not […]

Lenten Remix 6: I Never Left.


  “Surely I never left.”   Right at the end of the Bible, Revelation 22:20 is an apocalyptic text. Jesus describes the speed of his return. Verses like this have consistently been used by Christians to channel all of their focus on the impending return of Jesus. I think we need to focus on the […]

Government Should be Afraid of Christians / A Word from Zimbabwe


“He’s the best leader in the world.” On my final flight into Zimbabwe, I overheard a gentleman make this comment about President Robert Mugabe. When I asked about all the crippling economic struggles the nation was having (unemployment at 90% and multiple government sectors having gone unpaid for 6 months), he looked at me and […]

The Sad Case of Dr. Larycia Hawkins


  Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Dr. Larycia Hawkins believes so. Wheaton College is determined to fire her for such beliefs. Ever since Dr. Hawkins wore a hijab during Advent in solidarity with Muslims, I’ve watched this story unfold with mixed emotions. I agree with Dr. Hawkins on Muslims. I find many […]

Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr Lives! : A Word to Christians


  Throughout the last five years, I’ve followed the case of human rights champion Saudi Arabian Shia Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr.  With tacit affirmation from the United States, the Saudi government has brutally repressed all dissent.  Coming from an oppressed religious minority, Sheikh Nimr sought to bring about a better world for his fellow Shias in Saudi Arabia […]

The Heresy of Quiet Times


  “Jesus happens in quiet times.” Growing up, I remember a minister consistently using this line to guilt us into regular quiet times. We were told that these daily times of personal prayer and Bible study were what made us Christians. We were not alone. Throughout the Christian faith, there exists this strange idea that […]

Richard Glossip is Scheduled to Die for Our Sins


  Over and over, Justin Sneed slammed a baseball bat into the flesh of Barry Van Treese. Blood splashed all over the Best Budget Inn until there was no life in Van Treese left. Oklahoma City was appalled at the horrific nature of the crime. Upon admitting to the crime, Sneed convinced prosecutors and two […]

On Jesus…


  *a theological conversation between Christian and I on the lake in North Georgia   J: Who or what do you think Jesus is Christian?   C: On one level, Jesus is an embodiment of an active, participatory and liberating love. On another level (and maybe there are no levels) Jesus was human like you […]