I am a Terrorist


Early this morning, I shot up in bed. Even in my sleep, I couldn’t get the images of Baghdad, Beirut and Paris out of my head. How is a follower of Jesus to respond to these terrorists? I thought about it for hours. Then I realized something. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself” & […]

Richard Glossip is Scheduled to Die for Our Sins


  Over and over, Justin Sneed slammed a baseball bat into the flesh of Barry Van Treese. Blood splashed all over the Best Budget Inn until there was no life in Van Treese left. Oklahoma City was appalled at the horrific nature of the crime. Upon admitting to the crime, Sneed convinced prosecutors and two […]

Christians Killed Kelly Gissendaner

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.50.54 PM

  1.75 million Southern Baptists forced her down the hallway. 619 thousand United Methodists strapped her to the gurney. 596 thousand Roman Catholics pushed the needle in. 566 thousand Evangelicals assured everyone that this was God’s will. As the poison started going in, there were millions of Georgia Christians participating in the homicide. Within minutes, […]

Christian Taylor Did Not Die in Vain


* Despite my physical absence, I just sent in this statement for tonight’s rally for Christian Taylor in Arlington, Texas.  “I don’t struggle to understand where God is when unarmed bodies keep hitting the pavement. I know that God stands with the brutalized. The case of Christian Taylor is a reminder of where God is […]

Encounters with a Monster


  Over the last few months, I have had numerous interactions with a monster. When we first talked about the injustice of video visitation at the Denton County Jail in the midst of our respective brands of activism, I had no idea who he was or what he had done. Texas made sure I found […]

On Jesus…


  *a theological conversation between Christian and I on the lake in North Georgia   J: Who or what do you think Jesus is Christian?   C: On one level, Jesus is an embodiment of an active, participatory and liberating love. On another level (and maybe there are no levels) Jesus was human like you […]

A Man Named King


Lightning crawled across the sky. The thunder roared. Rain warned of impending flood. Through the cleansing drama of it all, Jackson remained as dirty as ever. Filled with the secrets of past transgressions, you never know what filthy hate might resurrect next. Even in the midst of the blight, one can find beauty if they […]

The Self-Righteousness of Christians


Injustices that make us feel righteous are always our favorites. Last week, I watched Christians get practically giddy over the downfall of The Duggars. I have wondered if people realize that the evils that Josh Duggar committed had victims? In post after post and blog after blog, I watched Christians express their pain at what […]

On the Nature of God


*The 2nd in a Series of Conversations between my summer intern Christian Parks and I. J: Christian, I am glad to be returning to this space of formal theological conversation with you. Lately, we have consistently talked about who or what God is. The nature of God has proven to be a topic we return […]

The United States Flag at the Front of the Church is Blasphemous


A United States soldier processed the flag of the United States of America in to our sanctuary as we stood at attention singing “God Bless America.”  The veterans in our midst were honored as we sang the “Star Spangled Banner.”  The “Battle Hymn of the Republic” proceeded the pastor’s fiery sermon on the coming destruction […]