Love your neighbor…BE QUEER. : A Sermon at the First Congregational Church in Fort Worth, Texas


  When you stop to consider the absence of information that we’ve got about the childhood of Jesus, these passages about a young Jesus in the temple are incredibly profound. After a young Jesus leaves the temple, there is another huge gap (18 years to be exact) in the narrative. There is a reason that […]

The Buddhist Madonna: A Christmas Miracle


  Many years ago, I worked as a chaplain at a large public hospital. Late one night, I received a message to get to the lobby immediately. Christmas was only a week away and I ran past a nativity scene stuck to the glass. Jumping down the steps, I felt like I just didn’t believe […]

Get in the Way / Bring them Close / Tell the Stories that Obstruct


  In Matthew 25, Jesus talks about some sheep and goats…but this is more than a barnyard story.  Jesus ultimately declares, “…what you have done to the least of these you have done to me.”  In this passage, Jesus places Jesus’ self at the very center of injustice and oppression…and as such takes on such […]