God Is Always Late…You Should Be Too

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  Recently, someone asked, “Why are you always late?” After a moment of thought, I replied, “I don’t know of any place worth being on time to.” Time is such an important part of our existence. It’s not for God. In fact, I think there is something heretical about time. As evidenced in the movements […]

There is No Achievement


Early this morning, I got a call from someone I’ve long loved. While he often says hurtful things, today was particularly biting. In a concerned fashion, he insinuated that he felt like I’d never achieved anything. Because it was coming from him, I was particularly hurt. Without responding in anger, I assured him that we […]

I AM: A Primer on Being

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  What was before the beginning? What was before that? What was before that or that? The answer to the question doesn’t change. It is the same now as it was then. All of existence and beyond is encapsulated in one phrase, “I AM.” The earliest ideas of God were based on the deconstruction of […]

The Dark Water of Salvation

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  The grass is wet. My toes feel all of nature. Each touch is mysterious. The rocks grow harder. My feet remember the origin. Each step draws me out. The dock is old. My being remembers the waves. Each plank grows the fear. The edge pulls closer. My brain tells me to turn. Each moment […]

The Institutionalized Jesus & the Lie that is Our Churches


Going to church was never part of the plan. In fact, church was less something you went to and more something you were supposed to become. Why do we spend so much time and money keeping up institutions? Jesus simply said, “Follow me.” We are the church. We don’t need anything else. We just need […]

The Intern Monologues: Last Things with a Spiritual Son


  *This is the last intentional conversation of Christian Parks’ summer internship.   J: Christian, you have become a spiritual son to me this summer. In the words of Ruth, “Do not ask me to leave you…” I am so very thankful for our three months together. A deep abiding love has bubbled up. What […]

Healing: A Visit and Conversation with the Rev. Dr. Garth Baker-Fletcher


  * This interaction is derived from a recent conversation that I had with the Rev. Dr. Garth Baker-Fletcher at a rehabilitation facility where he is recovering from hip surgery. A retired professor, Baker-Fletcher is the author of Somebodyness: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Theory of Dignity (1993), Xodus: An African-American Male Journey (1996), […]

On the Nature of God


*The 2nd in a Series of Conversations between my summer intern Christian Parks and I. J: Christian, I am glad to be returning to this space of formal theological conversation with you. Lately, we have consistently talked about who or what God is. The nature of God has proven to be a topic we return […]

“Embracing the Power of the Queer” – A Sermon Delivered at the Cathedral of Hope / June 4, 2014


  adapted transcription below full video at What a powerful thing to be standing before you tonight.  My story is convoluted and strange.  The first time I took communion from someone I knew was openly gay…was from Rev. Mike Piazza when he visited Emory University and I was a student there.  That was a […]

A Girl Named Peter and the Path to God


    Welcome to Lent.  This is not a time of celebration for the fuzz that sometimes inhabits your pockets.  Rather this is a time of reflection for seeking and being.  We gather this morning on a dark mysterious dot in the middle of the cosmos traveling into time and space as a community of people.  This is a […]