The Failed Construct of Diversity


  Diversity is a failed construct. The idea of diversity as sacrosanct is deeply problematic because it is falsely predicated on the notion that having a bunch of different identities in one place means that there is real difference represented. For decades, we’ve accepted and promoted diversity as a means of solving problems of exclusion. […]

On the Nature of God


*The 2nd in a Series of Conversations between my summer intern Christian Parks and I. J: Christian, I am glad to be returning to this space of formal theological conversation with you. Lately, we have consistently talked about who or what God is. The nature of God has proven to be a topic we return […]

The Other Rev. King


  Make no mistake, there truly are ghosts in Mississippi. Most often, they inhabit long forgotten places and toil with hopes that their mortal lives have not been lived in vain. A few years ago, I first traveled to a forgotten place to meet a forgotten man. “For his sake I have suffered the loss […]