The Holy Fingers of Jesus: On the Execution of Torrey McNabb

Torrey Twane McNabb

  The diagnosis is terminal. Truth be known, you probably only have a week or two left. Fear inhabits every orifice of your body. There is nowhere to go. There is no one to turn to. There is only one thing to do…die. Then, the phone rings. On the other end of the line, a […]

Christmas in Dixie


  When the frantic calls started to flood his phone, Bobby Daniels knew his son Bias was in deep trouble. In the midst of an emotional breakdown, Bias had a gun and had just held a hostage for 45 minutes. Desperate to save his son, Bobby rushed to the scene. Talking his son down, Bobby […]

Guns Don’t Belong at Church


  Recently, I read a story that the evangelical megachurch Briarwood Presbyterian in Birmingham, Alabama is petitioning the state for its own police department. For a second, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The thought of a church or any other private institution being able to found and govern a police department is really […]

The Courage to Be Queer: A Theological Exploration

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*I delivered this keynote address at the LGBTQ Religious Experience Summit at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas on March 21, 2015.   May this be a wild experience for us all…perhaps even a queer experience if we are lucky. Let’s begin by talking about theology. What is theology? Most people think that theology is […]

The Lynching of Sureshbhai Patel


  The video is horrific. Madison, Alabama police officer Eric Parker slammed Sureshbhai Patel into the ground hard enough to paralyze him. There was a time when lynchings were carried out by mobs. Now, we have created a much more formal process of carrying out violence against oppressed and marginalized people.  Badges and uniforms are […]

The Queer Resurrection of Alabama


  The year was 2005. I was a junior at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. The Glomerata or our yearbook had just come out. I remember sitting at my fraternity house and hearing people laugh about a picture in the Glomerata. While I don’t remember the exact name of the organization, the picture was of […]

Donald Sterling, Churches and Race


    I grew up on the Southside of Atlanta.  Our county transitioned from a majority white context to a majority black context in my youth.  In first grade, I was a student under Ms. Ellington…the first black teacher at Lake Harbin Elementary School.  I will be forever grateful to Ms. Ellington for teaching me […]

My First Job in Ministry, Forgiveness & the Imperfect Pursuit of Perfection


  Forgiveness is not something I am good at…but I know it is something that I need to do.  This is a short talk based around an experience…the experience was and is mine…but the discussion topic of forgiveness is for all of us.  I began my ministry in a very small town in Alabama.  I […]