On Jesus…

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*a theological conversation between Christian and I on the lake in North Georgia


J: Who or what do you think Jesus is Christian?


C: On one level, Jesus is an embodiment of an active, participatory and liberating love. On another level (and maybe there are no levels) Jesus was human like you and I. Through community and trust, Jesus found liberation within and without. The answers are simple.


J: Like all of us, I believe that Jesus was born queer in the image of a God who is queer. In time, Jesus completely lived into the queerness of God and ultimately became God. In living into the queer perfection that is God, Jesus became an example to all of humanity of what it means to truly be queer. I believe that Jesus experienced what it means to be fully human and fully God in every possible way. With the fullness of the experiences of Jesus affirmed, I believe that Jesus experienced the entire spectrum of genders and sexualities. I believe the masculine language we use to describe Jesus is the most problematic and misleading of our failings to understand the fullness of Jesus. In the fullness of humanity and God, Jesus transcended the categories to live into God and provides example to us on how to do the same. What do you think Christian?


C: We can see this transcendence throughout the Gospel narratives. Jesus went places, talked to folks and rebelled against folks that were supposed to be off limits. Jesus proved to us that the way to live is to live as if the Kingdom or Queendom or whatever else of God is already here – to be queer. Jesus laid out the path of liberation…we are to stand with the marginalized, get beat up with the oppressed and push back against the tyrants. Over and over again, I find a call to authenticity in love, which gives all the power to transcend, even death. Jesus not only affirms fullness, Jesus also proclaims that God is here so that “all may have life, a life of wholeness and abundance.”


J: Through the power of the resurrection, Jesus is in us. Jesus changes as much as we change. Jesus is as queer as the entirety of all of us. I know of no greater beauty…I know of no greater God. I have absolutely no doubt that Jesus is with us in our journey my friend.


C: In the eternal resurrected presence of Jesus, we know that a way has been prepared for us. No matter what may come we can take courage in that resurrection power. We can take courage in our queerness. For we know that we are enough to follow Jesus, we are enough to live into the Queer.


J: Thanks be to the diversity and beauty of the God who dwelt and dwells among us.



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