Energy = God?

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What do you believe God is?  I think most people think about God as a being.  Some might even think of God as a human.  I think there are even those who think that God has a penis…those who constantly refer to God as he.  Regardless, this morning we find ourselves thinking about Jesus as the electricity of life and God as the source.


What does it look like to think of God as less being and more energy?  It’s a shocking way of thinking about things isn’t it?  You see energy keeps us going while powering movement and change.  The renowned scientist Albert Einstein once said, “Energy is neither created nor destroyed.”  Perhaps this is a more realistic way of thinking about eternity.  Maybe we are pieces of energy that cannot be created or destroyed.  Maybe God is the source of all energy that cannot be created or destroyed.


What is energy for the human?  I don’t know about you, but the actualization or hope of love is what keeps me going.  I love love.  Love is electric.  Love moves the world and moves me.  How is energy created?  The answer is through friction or difference.  The Queer creates energy.  The Queer creates life.  The Queer is God.


What does it mean to stay electric?  Jesus tells us that if we abide in love then we abide in God.  To abide in love we must learn to love our self, our community, our world, and all that is beyond.  To learn to love begins with learning to love difference or queerness in yourself and in the universe around you.  Queerness is from God.  The Queer is God.  In order to stay electric, you must connect with the Queer within.


Have you ever considered that we are the source of energy or the source of God for people?  If we look like everyone else, how can our queerness be heard?  God is the source of all love and queerness.  Whoever hates the Queer hates God.  Whoever hates the Queer hates God.  You cannot deny the Queer within or the Queer within others and love God.  Jesus says, “They will hate without cause.”  There are plenty who hate the Queer within and without without cause.


Perhaps it is our job to tell the world that the Queer lives…in us and in the universe.


I want you to know that when they kicked us out for our queerness they kicked God out.  Don’t forget the Queer is God and God is the Queer.  When you kick out the Queer, you kick out the church.  We the gathered Queer are the real church.  In this church, we will not stop proclaiming this message.  Where love is is where God is.  We will not stop proclaiming the hope…the Queer…within us.  May the electric queerness of God and life guide our efforts to set us free and queer the world.


May the divine electricity of a queer love beyond identity and boundaries that sets us free be within, without, up, down and all around.



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