“Dallas Activist’s Grandson Murdered” and The Cost of Discipleship

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It depends on the hour. Sometimes we get along. Sometimes we don’t. Regardless, we all know each other.


When I saw “Dallas Activist’s Grandson Murdered,” I knew it was somebody I knew.


I was hesitant to even open the link.




Rev. Ronald Wright’s grandson…


Tyrek Jenkins started walking to the store. What was he thinking about? The pledge he made to God? His determination to provide for his family? Step. Step. Step. The doors opened. He knew exactly what he wanted. Pleasantries were exchanged at the register. Tyrek picked up his snacks. Bags crunched in his arms. Step. Step. Step. What was he thinking about? Love? Life? Step. Step. Something didn’t seem right. Step. The blast of a gun pierced the air. Steps stopped. Tyrek went down. What was the last thing he said? What was the last thing he thought? What? “This is my blood…” First responders battled to save something. Tyrek was not responding. “This is my body…” The room was filled with doctors and nurses. Shouts and screams only birthed silence. “It is finished.” The soul of Tyrek Jenkins was now one with God. He’s safe now.


Don’t worry about Tyrek. Worry about us.


I’ve seen him do it over and over again. Rev. Ronald Wright is not afraid to jump up on a stump or a stage or a truck or whatever he need to stands on to demand justice. His words are piercing. Sometimes he’s right and sometimes he’s wrong…but at least he is something. No one can accuse Wright of not giving everything he has. No one. A prophet of nonviolence, Wright is now the victim of violence. However, Wright will not stop. In these moments he is garnering new strength. There is power in blood.


When I heard about the tragedy, I wanted to let fellow activists know what was going on. At the very least, Wright deserved our thoughts and prayers. Nobody answered. Then I remembered, there were multiple awards dinners/events going on. Online, I saw people smiling as they received their recognitions. I knew Rev. Wright wasn’t there. He’s a follower of Jesus. People are never quick to recognize him.


As everyone else basked in recognition, Rev. Wright was experiencing the cost of discipleship.


The cross.


May the sacrifice of body and blood be the only recognition we seek/need.


“Let anyone who has ears/the fortitude to hear…”



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