The Cross of Firearms (Lent 1)

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There was a security breach. Somehow, a troubled young man with a gun was able to get into the building. Not long after the doors closed behind him, he pulled out the rapid firing weapon. Blood splashed against the walls. Screams echoed against the walls. Bodies kept hitting the floor. Though the response was fast…it […]

The Ethics of Murder

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  *The previous iteration of this post was unintentionally hurtful. In the rush of writing, I assumed things that were not true. For these errors/sins, I am truly sorry. In the future, I dedicate myself to navigating/mediating my thoughts more carefully.     The last week of my life has been filled with murder.   […]

Beware of the Palm Wavers


*I posted a version of this on Palm Sunday 2016   The people of Jerusalem waved their palms madly to celebrate the entry of Jesus into their town. Less than seven days later, Jesus was tortured and executed in the same place. Though Palm Sunday is a time to celebrate, I can never get past […]

Lenten Reflections from the Executed: #502 Vaughn Ross / July 18, 2013


*These reflections are taken from pieces of the last words of the last 40 persons executed in Texas. Vaughn Ross- “I don’t fear death.” We are a people paralyzingly afraid of death. We are diseased with an inability to see life in death. For Vaughn Ross, life was far scarier than death. Ross was ready […]

No More Murders! : Stop the Supreme Court and the People of Georgia with Prayer

Warren Hill

  There is an old story about Jesus. During one of his marathon sessions, the entire house he was teaching in filled up and everyone wanted to share a moment with Jesus. Hearing that he had the power to heal people, a group across town picked up their disabled neighbor and carried him on a […]

Pastors for Texas Children & The Fight for Neighborhood Schools


  In the Christian creation myth, God creates humanity.  Upon creation, God invites humanity to go and name their world.  In the midst of the naming story, it becomes obvious that God educated and guided humanity on what to do.  Throughout time, it has been the human responsibility to continue to educate and guide younger […]

Energy = God?


  What do you believe God is?  I think most people think about God as a being.  Some might even think of God as a human.  I think there are even those who think that God has a penis…those who constantly refer to God as he.  Regardless, this morning we find ourselves thinking about Jesus […]

The Queer is Out

  Excited to announce the release of The Queer, a colloquial interpretation of the Gospel of John. “When God embodies those we marginalize, strange things happen. Peace, hope and love manifest in unimaginable ways. This is the tale of the Queer.” This text is used in worship every Sunday morning at The Church at Mable […]

Remarks from the Inaugural Denton Meeting of Pastors for Texas Children


This afternoon we pastors, educators, students, and social workers gather to express our concern about a lack of funding for public education in Texas.  The voices and paths represented here are varied but our conclusions are the same…public education is at the forefront of issues of social justice.  The local public school system remains one […]

“Standing Against Patriarchy, War & the Self Takes Courage”


  In the beginning of the eighth chapter of John we find Jesus in the middle of a scuffle.  There is a woman thrown at the feet of Jesus.  The Pharisees in all of their patriarchal glory have aggressively brought this woman in and said that they found her in the very act of adultery.  […]