Seeing John Battaglia


  The room was cold. It’s always cold in there. I was alone. Waiting. It seems that the purpose of prison is to wait. The seat was cold too. I laid my head on the little ledge. Sleep came quickly. I can’t remember if I dreamed or not. When you’re on death row, everything seems […]

Denton, Texas: The Noose / Racist USA


  People live. People laugh. People dance. People love Denton. Everything they could ever want and more exist within the city limits. Truth is a frightening thing. Words can make reality appear much different than it is. The veil is quite thin. When pushed aside, Denton looks very different. White people live. White people laugh. […]

Identity Implosion: The Failure to Be Human

Jens Johnsson/Unsplash

    On most days, you will find us riding around Denton, Texas on a caravan of wheels. In order to accommodate our five children, I created a bike trailer capable of carrying everyone. Needless to say, we are a sight to behold.   The meaning of life is simple…to be human. In an age […]

The Money: A Parable of Sorts (Part 6/7 of 8): The Trial

Alex Hockett/Unsplash

              The records said that I pled out. I didn’t plea shit. Didn’t nobody care about me killing no nigger woman. While I’ve thought about it once or twice, I’ve come to the conclusion every time that the world is better off with one less nigger in the world. […]

At the end of Trump’s first year, I pray for revolution

Scott Walsh/Unsplash

      *This column originally appeared in the Dallas Morning News on Saturday, January 20, 2018 I woke up. Fear had nested in my bones. I couldn’t see. There was something downstairs. The words penetrated the darkness. “Trump” and “win” repeated incessantly on the forgotten radio. Shock exploded. Audio of the vulgar and profane […]

The Tourniquet Killer?


        Tonight, the State of Texas (that’s us) executed (killed) Anthony Shore, otherwise known as the tourniquet killer.   Though the stories are slightly different, the result is the same. They were all murdered.   Laurie Tremblay was 14.   Maria Estrada was 21.   Diana Rebollar was 9.   Dana Sanchez […]

The Money: A Parable of Sorts (Part 5 of 8): The Violence

Ant Rozetsky/Unsplash

  “Fuck this shit.” Zack was beyond angry. “Another nigger coworker?!?” Heading to the door of the factory, Zack stopped. He knew the truth. “I can’t leave.” There was nowhere else he was going to find a job with this good of pay and this good of hours. “I have a child to feed now.” […]

Fighting for the DREAM: A Major Victory in Arlington


    We don’t get many outright victories. The work is hard and moral victories are what we are most accustomed to. While the knowledge that we are steadily moving the cause of justice along is satisfying, it is always a beautiful thing when justice breaks through swiftly and mightily. Just this past week, I […]

The Money: A Parable of Sorts (Part 4 of 8): The Exit

Jordan Andrews / Unsplash

  “I want you to welcome your new coworker!” The grocery store was in the heart of Atlanta. For years, the food-filled aisles had been his home. When the manager introduced a black man, Zack Drillard walked out and never looked back. “I ain’t workin’ with no goddamn nigger!”   She ain’t much to look […]

Oak Lawn United Methodist Church: Where Jesus Sleeps

Oak Lawn United Methodist Church

  Though I have many dear friends that are United Methodist and love many of the teachings of Methodism, I hate the United Methodist Church. I hate the unity at all costs mentality. I hate the silence. I hate the caution. I hate the ists and isms that the denomination perpetuates. I could go on […]