My First Job in Ministry, Forgiveness & the Imperfect Pursuit of Perfection


  Forgiveness is not something I am good at…but I know it is something that I need to do.  This is a short talk based around an experience…the experience was and is mine…but the discussion topic of forgiveness is for all of us.  I began my ministry in a very small town in Alabama.  I […]

Love Dangerously Dallas


  Everybody wants to talk about love these days…but no one wants to talk about sacrifice.  Everybody wants to talk about the love of Jesus…but nobody wants to talk about how embracing the love of Jesus leads to death.  Everyone wants to talk about falling in love…but no one wants to talk about the need […]

Get in the Way / Bring them Close / Tell the Stories that Obstruct


  In Matthew 25, Jesus talks about some sheep and goats…but this is more than a barnyard story.  Jesus ultimately declares, “…what you have done to the least of these you have done to me.”  In this passage, Jesus places Jesus’ self at the very center of injustice and oppression…and as such takes on such […]

Leading With A Withered Hand


Rarely do I preach a similar sermon in the same day…but today is an exception.  This morning at Prism Denton we discussed the man with the withered hand found in Mark 3.  Jesus approached the man with the withered hand and asked him to extend it.  In an instance…the withered hand was healed.  Truth be […]

The Withered Hand, The Undivided Heart and The Undistracted Church


  There was a man with a withered hand.  Jesus approached the man with the withered hand and asked him to extend it.  In an instance…the withered hand was healed.   Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your purview, I think Jesus is a secondary character in this episode.  The main character is the man with […]

The Wise Men Deconstructed or The Lack of Wisdom in the Wise Men


  Have far would you travel to meet God?  The idea of incarnation is that God is present where we are.  It seems that the answer to the aforementioned question comes easy in the light of a true belief in incarnation of God with us.  I don’t think you have to travel far at all […]

The Paralytic Church, Queerphobia & Frank Schaefer


  Do any of you believe in healing?  Do you believe that Jesus actually healed a paralytic in a house full of people?  What if someone rolled into this space in a wheelchair this morning to ask for our prayers and walked out?  There are many of you who would explain it away at all […]

the ice pellets on the head of God: reimagining church


  The weather is difficult this evening.  We slipped and slid a bit on our drive down.  The wind, rain and ice are brutally cold.  This does not seem to be a night where we could experience a good conversation outside much less the divine.  However, I think Jesus is found out in the elements […]

being and healing: responding to the call


  John the Baptist called out from the wilderness to make a way for Jesus.  You see it is important as we begin to make our way through the Gospel of Mark that John the Baptist is the fulcrum of the entire story.  John the Baptist sets the stage.  John the Baptist made the way […]

The Terminal


    Not all that long ago, I spoke on the phone with a friend of mine back home in Georgia.  After a few moments, my friend informed me that her beloved grandmother had terminal cancer.  After a few moments of tears and grief, I declared, “Well, I guess the truth of the matter is […]