God is Dead That’s exactly what I said I feel so alone No one is home Why do I pray To waste the day Why can’t I just be Stay awake with me How will this stop Shots falling Bodies dropping Blood splattering Daddy don’t get shot Out of the mouth of the children […]



To Be Visible To Be Invisible To Be To Be Human To Not To Be To Rot To Know To Pray To Go To Think To Strive To Dream To Be The Future Forgot Us We’re Stuck Here We Know There’s More We Just Don’t Know What It’s For

The Tall Grass


  The Tall Grass Neighbor to the Water Creates a Hole Beauty Grows The Greens The Blues Remind Me of You North Dakota Driving Well Fighting Back Against All Hell We Roll On We Can’t Stop It’s Seabeck, Washington Or Drop The Tall Grass Moving Shaking Shifting Growing Tell Me All of Your Secrets Calling […]

Chickens After Dark


  Chickens after dark I hear you call You know my name I long for God Tell me your secrets Your eye leans in Bawk Bawk Bawk Bawk That was it Everything’s not dead after all      

On Silence


  Growing up, I was told that I needed to have a daily time of silence. In college, I was told I needed to meet God in the silence. In seminary, I was told that silence is a spiritual discipline. Now, I’m told that silence should be at the core of my spiritual life. Please, […]

From the Party


  As you eat the cupcakes…   We were shocked We didn’t know what to do We only knew that we loved you Your mother pushed I tried I was best at staying by her side Time flew The day arrived We didn’t know what was in store We’d had a few false starts before […]

no surrender : an ode to Emily


  we never planned we just did no looking back the test said yes what a mess there’s two what do we do no retreat life changed more to explain slowly we grew all i needed was you no hesitation one more child nothing the same three children to maintain then more news another two […]

I Believe in Thou.


  Thou found me. I didn’t know you were looking. Thou knew me. I didn’t know I could be known. Thou pulled me. I didn’t know where to go. Thou lifted me. I didn’t know that I was down. Thou transformed me. I didn’t know I could change. Thou loved me. I didn’t know I […]

Noise in the Silence: Poetry from Southwestern University


  The Quiet   noise noise noise   i feel it i read it i hear it i know it   then it stops   i am lonely again     The Things Above   thud! the walls are closing in help! there is no way out stop! tomorrow is gone leave! the judgment is […]

The Existential Crisis of Birth: Waiting in the Midst of Doubt


Depression stalks me before every birth. The existential questions taunt me over and over again. Why are we here? Do we matter? Where are we going? Death becomes a trusted friend. For I know, there will be a day when I don’t have to deal with these questions anymore. While I still take the pills, […]