God is Dead: Sin // The Path to God

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God is Dead: Sin // The Path to God   Cold. That little room was always cold. The metal chairs felt like someone was shooting snow up your ass. Maybe the temperature was to blame…or maybe the coldness of certainty choked off any warmth. Whatever it was, it was lonely. I felt it every Sunday. […]

Stoneman Douglas HS School Resource Officer Deputy Scot Peterson = Jesus?

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Times were tough. There was an evil everywhere. Jesus seemed to be able to allude the wrath of the authorities. His opposition to violence might have had something to do with it. Regardless, early one morning, Jesus got word that his cousin and dear friend, John the Baptist, had been arrested. The news infuriated Jesus […]

Billy Graham: ASS & SAINT

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  “You might not make it home! Give your life to Jesus now! Make no mistake…no choice is a choice. I am begging you. Please don’t burn in hell for all eternity!”   Our church was full of these words. No matter how many times I heard them, they always terrified me. I was so […]

Firefighter Brutality: The Traffic Stop


  Did you know that there are all sorts of hidden officials who can pull you over? I didn’t. I do now.   I recently submitted the following letter to various publications.   Imagine. Last week, while driving down the highway with my three of my children, I noticed an aggressive white SUV. Distracted, I […]

The Cross of Firearms (Lent 1)

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There was a security breach. Somehow, a troubled young man with a gun was able to get into the building. Not long after the doors closed behind him, he pulled out the rapid firing weapon. Blood splashed against the walls. Screams echoed against the walls. Bodies kept hitting the floor. Though the response was fast…it […]

The Fight to Rename a School: Pushing Further


  *Based on My Words/Speech at the February 13, 2018 Denton (TX) Independent School District School Board Meeting   Immigrants are of the lowest of classes.   Blacks should be banned from public facilities.   I’m simply not interested in racial equality.   I hope that you are as disgusted by these words as I […]

Go to Hell CBF.

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  Recently, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship reaffirmed their deeply ingrained homophobia. Repeatedly, the CBF has failed to champion inclusion and equality…just like their counterparts in the Southern Baptist Convention. What a bunch of spineless cowards. God has left the CBF and anyone with a shred of conscience should too.   On this occasion of dumbassticity, […]

What if Jesus had attended the National Prayer Breakfast?

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  Cold. Cold. It was so very cold. Jesus could feel the body breaking down. Every step seemed like it could be his last. Shelter after shelter turned him away. There was nothing to eat. There was nowhere to sleep. Eventually, he found a bridge. As the cars roared by above his head, Jesus cried […]

“Kelly is a Piece of Shit.” -Jesus

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  “Kelly is a Piece of Shit.” -Jesus   Revelation is magic.   Horrible smells seemed to be coming from every crevice of our home. I sniffed my way all around the house. I hadn’t checked the kids. Surely, it wasn’t one of the kids? I was expecting to find something dead. I kept sniffing. […]

Alone: On Being Human

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  Does God remember me? Dust to dust. Breathe to breathe. I am God’s creation. I think. Does God remember me?   Truth was close. I could feel it. Now, I don’t believe it was ever close at all. Maybe I want to. Maybe I don’t. Truth has always been a liar.   Shots changed […]