The Eternality of Souls


  There is a church a few blocks from our house. I run by it everyday. Though I’ve known about their theology for some time, I’ve always wanted to hear more. I’m not interested in joining…I know enough to have firmly made that decision…but Their are parts I’ve wanted to know more about. In the […]

Jerry Jones is a Racist!: Words from a Press Conference

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  *Delivered October 16, 2017 in front of Dallas Police Department Headquarters   I just want to say one more thing. Where are all the white folks at? Specifically, all my progressive white preachers in town who talk about “Black Lives Matter” from the pulpit…and are done with it as soon as they hit the […]

Robert Pruett & Bullshit Figures


  Justice is bullshit. There is no such thing. There is only power.   Those of us who want to stop all of this bullshit just don’t have enough of it yet. Tonight, the State of Texas executed Robert Pruett. It’s pretty tough to go up against the State. I’ve tried and lost. That doesn’t […]

The Rhetoric of Robert Jeffress: An Ontology of Evil

  *A Conversation on Robert Jeffress, infamous Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas James Sanchez: Here’s a quote that sticks out from Robert Jeffress recent interview on Fox and Friends: “These players ought to be thanking God that they live in a country where they’re not only free to earn millions of […]

Southern Baptist Pastor Affirms Polyamory!


    *Interview I did with Chuck McKnight/Hippie Heretic…which originally appeared at   Chuck McKnight: Today, I’m interviewing Baptist pastor Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood. CM: From your Southern Baptist background, I’m sure you haven’t always affirmed polyamory. Could you share how your views have shifted on this matter? What led to your change of […]

Morgan Guyton: An interview with Jeff Hood, author of The Execution of God


  Morgan Guyton: An interview with Jeff Hood, author of The Execution of God MG: Hey Jeff, thanks for being willing to talk with me about your new book The Execution of God. It’s a very fascinating theological account of the death penalty. I wanted to start off by asking: how did you get started in […]

The Execution of God: Excerpts: Condemnation and Hell

Chalice Press

  11/12   “There will be silence!” “Sit down! Sit down!” “The charge is murder!” Death is natural. Murder is not. Do you recall the execution of God? You were there. So was I. We witnessed it all. We watched God being led into court. We heard the incriminating testimony. We listened to the damning […]

Scout Schultz: Dying to Live

Georgia Public Broadcasting

  I can remember that night. I wanted to take all of the pills. I was done. Repeatedly, I’d looked for help. Repeatedly, I’d come up empty. The room grew smaller and smaller. I had nowhere to go. Sweat poured everywhere. I prayed. That shit didn’t help. God seemed so far away. God was fake. […]

Would Jesus March at Dallas Pride? : 2014/2017


    *Originally posted September 20, 2014. Throughout the morning, I’ve pondered the meaning of these old words.  Meaning is still there.     The many closet doors will be closed tightly at Dallas Pride.  Behind the smiles and drunken debauchery, there will be terror about what it would mean to leave the new normal that […]

Stormy Theology


  Throughout existence, humans have leaned into storms to hear a word from beyond. It doesn’t matter where that beyond is. Beyond is beyond. Though the conclusions are varied, they all come from a lived reality. Theology is found in such realities. Theology is found in the storm.   “God was with us.” “God saved […]