A Plea for Universal Healthcare

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There was a pool in Jesus’ day where folks who were blind, lame, paralyzed, and had other disabilities laid.  The folks lay at this pool because every once in a while an angel of God would come down and stir up the water.  The first one into the pool would be healed of their disability.  This is a story of magic.


Most folks walked quickly by this pool.  They didn’t want to be bothered with the desperate needs of others.  They were just too busy doing their own thing.  I am sure you are familiar with such folks…


Jesus was deeply moved by the sight of the people lying their helpless and refused to not walk in.  Jesus couldn’t resist the opportunity to heal.  You see Jesus believed in universal healthcare.


Jesus walked in.


So often the first step to healing people is to walk into the spaces where hurting people are.  Often, the first act of magic is the courage to engage…the courage to care…the courage to love.


Jesus found a lame man at the pool who had laid there for 38 years.  Each time he tried to get the magic of healing from touching the water…someone jumped in front of him.

Everybody kept jumping in front of him…
This man was desperate.

How many people are desperate in our community today and people keep jumping in front of them?


Jesus refused to walk by and not allow his heart to be moved by the injustice of sickness.  Jesus engaged the man and declared healing words, “Pick up your mat and walk!”


The words and actions of Jesus healed.


How often do we have the opportunity to heal people with our words and actions?


When was the last time you said a healing word to somebody?  When was the last time you healed a relationship or a community or our world with your words?  When was the last time you offered to pay for someone’s medical bills?  When was the last time you sat down with your enemy to heal a broken relationship?  When was the last time you worked for peace?  When was the last time you saved someone’s life financially, emotionally, physically, or anything else?  Can we work for a world where everyone is loved, treated, and healed?


Some of you will say, “Jeff, this is impossible hippie dippy nonsense!”  To that I reply, “It sure is if you sit on your ass.”


Friends, we all have the power to heal if we are willing to put forth the effort.  There is indeed magic in all efforts to heal a broken world.  Can the healing of all people, all places, all things begin with us?


Do you believe in universal healthcare?



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