The Color of 34.

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  Today. I am. May the grace of God and the comfort of God’s brilliance…guide your heart, mind, body and soul…now and forevermore…world without end.   Amen.   The room was devoid of all color. I was exhausted. I had no defenses. Fear crawled up my spine. Deep anxiety trickled back down. Hell! Hell! Hell! […]

The Bricks: A Traumatic Parable


Sweat poured down my face. Gravity was merciless. Tightness visited every joint. Every brick brought me closer. My hands throbbed. I was so close. Dirt covered everything. This was much more than I’d bargained for. Finally, I tossed the last brick in. Everything was so heavy. I thought I could handle it. I thought wrong. […]

The Rapture of Fear: Ramblings on Halloweens Past

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San Francisco de Borja y el moribundo impenitente. Capilla de San Francisco de Borja de la Catedral de Valencia, Óleo sobre lienzo. // Wikimedia.

  I heard the word rapture far more than I heard the name Jesus. That’s just how we were. We were terrified. We though it was our job to scare the hell out of everyone. Somewhere in there, love got left behind. We said we were following Jesus. Somehow, I think we knew that wasn’t […]

The Holy Fingers of Jesus: On the Execution of Torrey McNabb

Torrey Twane McNabb

  The diagnosis is terminal. Truth be known, you probably only have a week or two left. Fear inhabits every orifice of your body. There is nowhere to go. There is no one to turn to. There is only one thing to do…die. Then, the phone rings. On the other end of the line, a […]

Thoughts on Ben Rigg’s Finding God in the Body: A Review


  Our church was crazy as shit. Everybody was constantly telling everybody that they needed to get saved and everybody was always trying to get saved. To say that it was a confusing environment was an understatement. Like most similar environments, we were taught that our bodies were bad. I can promise you that our […]

The Eternality of Souls


  There is a church a few blocks from our house. I run by it everyday. Though I’ve known about their theology for some time, I’ve always wanted to hear more. I’m not interested in joining…I know enough to have firmly made that decision…but Their are parts I’ve wanted to know more about. In the […]

Jerry Jones is a Racist!: Words from a Press Conference

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  *Delivered October 16, 2017 in front of Dallas Police Department Headquarters   I just want to say one more thing. Where are all the white folks at? Specifically, all my progressive white preachers in town who talk about “Black Lives Matter” from the pulpit…and are done with it as soon as they hit the […]

Robert Pruett & Bullshit Figures


  Justice is bullshit. There is no such thing. There is only power.   Those of us who want to stop all of this bullshit just don’t have enough of it yet. Tonight, the State of Texas executed Robert Pruett. It’s pretty tough to go up against the State. I’ve tried and lost. That doesn’t […]