Blood on the Pavement: A Crash of Blood and Grace

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    God is with us. I was sitting at the light. I saw the bike first. I wasn’t prepared. The bottle was next. Everything crashed. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then, I saw a leg. Instantly, I hit my flashers and ran. I dove to her side. Holding her body as […]

Blue Salvation: Redemption from Blue Supremacy


  I was just a child. When people started to celebrate my Dad, it took me a second to figure out what for. In time, I realized that Dad was a hero. You see, my Dad ran into a hostage situation involving heavy gunfire and saved the life of a police officer. The officer was […]

The Cure for Blue Supremacy

  “Love your enemies & pray for those who terrorize you.” -Matthew 5:44   There is only one way to cure Blue Supremacy. Weapons will not work. No one is going to outgun them. Politics will not work. Politicians will always support them. Protests will not work. Shutting such actions down are easy for them. […]

The Roman Road: Salvation from Blue Supremacy


  There is salvation from Blue Supremacy.   Follow the Roman Road.   Romans 3:23 “…all of the Blue have fallen short of their duties.”   Romans 3:10 “The Blue cannot fix the Blue…”   Romans 5:12 “Brutality entered the Blue through one officer…brutality continues through all officers…because all have pledged allegiance to the Blue…” […]

God is Not Blue: On the Churches of Blue Supremacy


  Since last year, I’ve repeatedly seen churches hold praise/gratitude services for local law enforcement. Like most churches, worship is at the center of the experience. The only difference is that these churches are worshiping the blue. In the space, God is dead in yet another instance of police brutality. One cannot serve two masters. […]

Hood & Alexander’s Statement on Dallas’ New Police Chief


  “We have dedicated our lives to ending police brutality, we our hopeful that Dallas’ new police chief U. Renee Hall will join us.”   Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood Minister Dominique Alexander

The Nature of Blue Supremacy


    For the past year, everywhere I’ve gone I’ve seen this flag. Every time, I was reminded that it is the blue lives that actually matter. In these countless encounters, the message was loud and clear…only blue is supreme.   I was there when five police officers died. I still grieve for their families. […]

When a White Woman Dies: On Blue Supremacy


  Repeatedly, I’ve stood in front of cameras and audiences to loudly declare to white people, “If you don’t engage in the struggle against police brutality, the next tragedy will be yours.” Yesterday, it was. Not long after calling 911 to report a possible sexual assault, Justine Ruszczyk-Damond was gunned down by one of the […]

The Phrase: Remembering July 7

credit: Christian Parks

  *Originally in Dallas Morning News on July 7, 2017   Life is a peculiar thing. Occasionally, you find yourself in places you never expected. The allure of something more pulls you further. Then, the world explodes.   I watched last year as police put Alton Sterling down like an animal. The video played over […]

The Ethics of Murder

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  *The previous iteration of this post was unintentionally hurtful. In the rush of writing, I assumed things that were not true. For these errors/sins, I am truly sorry. In the future, I dedicate myself to navigating/mediating my thoughts more carefully.     The last week of my life has been filled with murder.   […]