US Refugees Seek Asylum in Canada


  In ancient times, there was a maniacal man ruling the country. Afraid that the people would rise up and challenge his rule, he ordered families to be terrorized. One family fled. After traveling countless miles, the family ended up in a place of safety. The country they left further descended into chaos.   In […]

Loving Sh*t


  Back in the beginning, God created people with breath and bones. Over the last few days, I’m convinced that God also creates people with the divine ass too. God just squats down and takes a big shit that produces some of our fellow human beings. Though both are made in the image of God, […]

A Love Letter to North Korea


Kim Jong-un.   What the fuck is wrong with you? Earlier today, you assassinated your own brother? You are developing nuclear weapons capable of killing millions? You starve your own people? You continuously execute your opponents? Is this your way of showing love? I don’t think so. This is never the way you show love. […]

Pedophiles in Church

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  For the past few decades, the church has worked hard to keep pedophiles out. Remembering that the love of Jesus extends to all people, I’m wondering how we get them back in?   A few years ago, I sat nervously in my office. Watching the clock tick, I wondered what I was going to […]

The Death of a Wizard

Ancona's Website

The body of the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in St. Louis Frank Ancona was recently found close to a river in Missouri. This is the same man who threatened lethal force against protestors in Ferguson. I was one of those protestors. In some small way, I guess Ancona threatened to kill me […]

Immigration Imagination


*Letter written for various newspapers.   Dear Editor,   Imagine a scenario. You’re in your apartment. Your favorite show is on the television. The kids are resting in the floor. You give your partner a hug and a kiss. When the show is over, you help your kids to bed. Once they’re underneath the covers, […]

Pastors: Your Press Conferences Suck


  Early this morning, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed. I couldn’t help but notice the numerous press conferences pastors are holding all over the country. In each one, pastors put on their stoles and jump in front of the cameras. The problem is that such performances are unbelievable. Just this morning, I saw […]

The Absurdity of Time and The Resurrection of Jesus Christ


  A few years ago, I was studying history at the University of Mississippi. I was in a class on Latin American history. As we discussed ancient history, I made the observation that we couldn’t prove any of this happened. “Time is a relative construct.” Immediately, I took it a step further and further declared, […]

Fake News: Betsy DeVos and Corruption Past/Present


    Over the last few months, I have been astounded by the fake news bubbling out of our new government. It seems like there is no lie too big for the Trump Administration. Official after official just claims whatever they want. Twitter is the vessel of choice. The good news is that many people […]

Jesus Died

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  Yesterday, my son and I were coming home from his preschool. In the midst of our ride, I got a message. Someone I’d known for a long time had passed away. After processing the news, I expressed my sadness. In the midst of my grief, my son spoke up and said, “Dad, don’t you […]