Jesus Smokes Weed


  Walking into the grocery store, I was approached by a rough brother. The closer he got, the more concerned I got. When he started to speak, I had no idea what he was going to say. Then he got to the point, “You got any weed?” I replied, “I’m sorry, I don’t.” Walking away, […]

God is Fiction


  “Do you really believe in God?” She leaned in for my reply. “God just seems like such a silly idea.” When I finally answered, she could hardly believe her ears. “This doesn’t sound like any God I’ve ever heard of.” As the conversation proceeded, I explained. I believe the fundamentalist God is an angry […]

Jesus Doesn’t Live In Your Neighborhood


  “I ain’t racist or nothing, I just had to get away from all the crime.” Of course, when anyone says they’re not racist…they are. Curious of the man’s thinking, I enquired further, “Are you sure that’s what it’s all about?” “Well, I also felt like I’d be a better witness for Jesus if I […]

Cursing God


  A few days ago, I heard an interesting exchange at the gas station. After a man dropped all of his change at the pump, he loudly exclaimed, “God Dammit!” Immediately, someone at the next pump responded, “My God’s last name is not dammit!” The coin dropper replied, “Are you kidding?” The gas pumper got […]

The Evil of Communion


  Communion is one of the most consistent and sacred practices in the Christian world. Instituted by Jesus, the practice is intended to draw people closer to Jesus and each other. Recently, I’ve been considering what the fullness or complete embodiment of communion is. We have to assume that since Jesus is both the totality […]

I AM: A Primer on Being

NASA / Wikimedia

  What was before the beginning? What was before that? What was before that or that? The answer to the question doesn’t change. It is the same now as it was then. All of existence and beyond is encapsulated in one phrase, “I AM.” The earliest ideas of God were based on the deconstruction of […]

Jesus Died in Mexico


  There is no doubt about it…15-year-old Sergio Hernandez was slaughtered for no apparent reason. Gunned down in his native Mexico. Sergio and his friends were simply playing a game. They were running back and forth near the US Border. After pulling up on his bike, US Border Patrol Agent Jesus Mesa opened fire. Sergio […]

Jesus Doesn’t Read the Bible


  We are instructed to follow Jesus. We are instructed to become more and more like Jesus. In the end, we will be made like Jesus. If Jesus is the ultimate aspiration, how much time do you think he spends reading the Bible? Do you think that Jesus has to read his own story? I […]

Jesus Wouldn’t Go to Church

Ian Sane / Wikimedia

Would Jesus go to church? This is a pivotal question. If Jesus wouldn’t go to church, then what are we doing there? Now of course, one can spend much time arguing about what the word “church” means. For the purpose of this writing, I am speaking of the church institutional. Earlier this morning, I was […]

Hand Washing in the Trump Era


Can you even breath?   The water is so high.   Jesus was slung in the direction of his potential executioners. As the crowd screamed for blood, Pilate could have stopped it. Instead, he washed his hands and absolved himself of any responsibility for what was about to happen. Jesus was given over to death. […]