The End of Memory is The Beginning of God


On Christmas Day, I spent time with my grandmother. We’ve always been close, but this year she didn’t even know who I was. Dementia has taken all of her memories. At one point, I looked over and saw my grandmother talking to a plastic bag. I scooted over to hear what she was saying. When […]

Forbidden Words: Christmas Interactions with the Queer Christ


An Interpretation of the Christmas Story   In the days of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, there was an old minister named Bob whose partner was named Tommy. For many years, the couple had wanted a child and now they were old. One evening as Bob was alone praying for a child, a bright light came […]

Murder in Ankara : The Perpetual Crucifixion


  Earlier today, Turkish police officer Melvut Mert Altinua walked into an art exhibition in Ankara and perused the art. A few minutes after Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov started speaking about Turkish-Russian relations, Altinua fired multiple shots that sliced through Karlov’s body. Frantically waving a gun, Altunua gave praise to Allah and declared, “Do not […]

Born to Be Murdered? : A Word from Bethlehem


  The Christmas season always makes me ponder a pivotal question. Did God send Jesus to die? I’m not talking about a death of natural causes. I’m talking about a brutal painful death. I’m talking about a bloody murder. Did God know about the suffering that was to come? If God knows everything, as traditional […]

“The God beyond God.”


“The God beyond God.”  Paul Tillich’s infamous conception of God has long marinated in my heart. I’ve dreamed of the God beyond religion and occasionally touched something more. Tillich is not alone in his estimations of God. In 36:26, Job declares, “Surely God is great, and we do not know him…” The unknowability of God […]

Pray for Dylann Roof


Earlier today, a jury found Dylann Roof guilty of killing 9 people at the Mother Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. An avowed white supremacist, Roof admitted that he killed the churchgoers because they were black. Seeking to ignite a race war, Roof wanted to be a savior for white people. Now, the punishment phase of […]

The Death of Truth


Throughout the last few months, numerous leaders in our country have made wild claims that have been proven to have no grounding in reality. There is also the proliferation of fake news that has motivated numerous people to do a variety of things. All around us untruths are taken as fact. Those who challenge these […]

His Name is Francisco Serna

Serna Family

On Monday night, a 73-year-old grandfather suffering from dementia named Francisco Serna made a lethal decision…he decided to go for an evening walk. Somewhere near the 7900 block of Silver Birch Avenue, Serna came in contact with a police officer. Thinking he had a gun, the officer shot Serna 9 times. After the incident, no […]

War Crimes in Aleppo: Do Something!


I spent this morning watching videos from people in Aleppo. Person after person repeated the same message, I am going to die and this is going to be my last video. People are being slaughtered in the streets. Blood runs down the sidewalk. People can’t get out. In the midst of unbelievable suffering, the regime […]

Christmas Everywhere


When we arrived home last night, we placed presents under the tree. The kids were really excited. After some persuading, we were able to get them to bed. Early this morning, we were awoken with shouts of, “It’s Christmas!” We rushed downstairs to find all of the presents opened. Oscillating between frustration and laughter, I […]