The Last Verdict: A Book Review


    Arpin-Ricci, Jamie. The Last Verdict. Self-Published. 2016.   I get solicitations for reviews and endorsements all the time. Most, I have to ignore. If I responded to everybody, I wouldn’t get any of my writing done. So when Jamie Arpin-Ricci messaged me about his book The Last Verdict, I was skeptical at […]

Max Soffar is Alive and We’re Dead


  In 2014, I put together a letter from an influential group of Baptists asking the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles for clemency for terminally ill death row inmate Max Soffar (included below). There were many questions about his guilt then. There are even more questions now. Unfortunately, Max Soffar died of cancer this […]

Her name is Amy Francis-Joyner


  I love Prince. We experienced the loss of a true cultural icon this week. We also experienced another great loss.   Earlier this week, Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington, Delaware was the site of a fight. This was a planned confrontation. Before school began, a couple of girls met in the bathroom. […]



  Beatings. Drinks. Flowed together. Was it a fist? Was it a laugh? Who knows? I just know I got hit hard. Repeatedly. The pain lingers. Photos do too.

The Execution: In Pragmatic Verse

The Huntsville Unit / Execution Chamber

  The Execution   Fear was all I knew Every step drew me closer The line taunted me I refused to stop I forced every step Backing down was not an option   Every thump in my chest Every knot in my stomach Every lump in my throat I felt I stood I stared I […]

Powerful Words

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  “Da-Da!” No sweeter word has ever hit my ears. In the midst of the chaos, Lucas looked up and called out to me with his first word. Each time we send word to the great beyond, I know God feels the same way.   Amen.