The Church: The Drive (Part 1 of 15)


Though this is definitely outside of what I normally write, I’ve decided to publish a novella entitled “The Church.” From Nov. 30 to Dec. 15, I will be publishing the work of fiction in 15 parts. Each day, I will publish a part of the story of Christian and his quest to plant the largest […]

A Theology of Rain


The walls couldn’t contain the energy of us all. Everyone wanted to go outside. Some of us did for a few minutes but never for much longer. I couldn’t remember any holiday ever being this wet. Walking through the house, I blurted out, “It feels like God is pissing on us.” “Maybe we deserve it,” […]

The Praying Old Man


Throughout Thanksgiving dinner, I kept looking at an iconic photograph hanging on the wall at my wife’s grandfather’s home. Though I have seen different versions of the photograph all over the country and beyond, I couldn’t help but stare this time. The photograph is of a old man praying over a simple meal. Rocking back […]

Frances Hood: The Last Thanksgiving


  I recounted the following story after I found out my grandmother died a little over a week after last Thanksgiving:   Though I have had many beautiful conversations with my grandmother, I will always cherish the last one. My grandmother has never been able to understand my activism and progressive ministry. While I was […]

The Courage to Be Queer: A Message for Trinity Presbyterian Church in Denton, Texas


*The above picture was drawn of me by a congregant while I was preaching the sermon below at Trinity Presbyterian in Denton, Texas on November 22, 2015. I start all sermons that I give at the beginning. Progressive Christians struggle with the beginning. It’s as if we’ve ceded that space to the Fundamentalists and their […]

Words from the Oak Lawn to DPD, Rally for Change


*The following is based on my speech from Oak Lawn to DPD, Rally for Change. There is always a difference between talk and action. I doubt you will find many people from the community who would say that they are for what has been happening in Oak Lawn. On the other hand, we must also […]

The Puppet in the Pulpit


  For the third time in a week, I received a phone call from a prophetic and transformative friend who either resigned their pastorate or was bullied into silence by the governing board of their church. In an age of increasing injustice, our churches have become the great bastions and protectors of the status quo. […]

The Call of the Muslim Jesus


When Jesus bound his body and ultimately became the stranger in Matthew 25:35, he left no doubt that he was calling us to do the same. Since the Paris attacks, Muslims have been strangerized over and over. From calls for registration to violent language around refugees, the rhetoric has grown worse and worse with every […]

The Church and Climate Change


*Delivered at Climate Change Press Conference hosted by the Texas Drought Project in Dallas on 11/19/2015. When I think about climate change, the message of Jesus comes to mind. We are called to love our neighbor as we love our self. Our actions and lack of action continue to destroy the homes of billions. When […]

The Pilgrimage for Raphael Holiday is The Pilgrimage for Abolition


  This Wednesday, Raphael Holiday will be executed minutes after 6pm at the Walls Unit in Huntsville, Texas. Unlike many of those I’ve encountered on death row, I believe that Holiday deserves to die.   In early 2000, Raphael was partnered with Tami Wilkerson. Together, they lived in a secluded log cabin in Madison County […]