The Abolition Prayer at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Circleville, Ohio


  Spirit of Love. Spirit of Light. Spirit of Justice. Fill us from the tips of our toes to the tops of our heads with the passion and commitment necessary to end the death penalty. May the powerful words of abolition never be far from our lips. When we exit through the great wooden doors […]

Texas Will Kill My Friend


In less than 24 hours, Texas will kill my friend. Though we only met once, Juan Garcia and I share a spiritual connection. I will never forget talking to Juan about the light of love. The conversation went deeper and deeper. Juan became my friend. Jesus is strange like that…   I see absolutely no […]

The Dangerous Views of My Professor Dr. Heath Lambert


  Throughout my life, I’ve experienced attraction to both men and women. Growing up Southern Baptist, I didn’t have much room to talk about sexuality. We were just told that if we didn’t have sex or masturbate we would be following God. I remained quiet. Later, I felt called to ministry. In the midst of […]

The Finger


  Car after car sped by. I looked into the eyes of every face. The image of God looked back. I spent the day walking for the abolition of the death penalty in Southern Ohio. Every once in a while, someone would slow their car down, honk their horn and raise their middle finger as […]

Walk to Stop Executions: A Preflection from Ohio


  “…tell the Gissendaner family that I am so sorry. That amazing man lost his life because of me…” Just after midnight on September 30, 2015 after her final words of apology, the State of Georgia began to execute Kelly Gissendaner for the murder of her husband Doug. After the process started, Gissendaner began to […]

F*** Your Guns


  To put it bluntly, I’m over the ridiculous arguments against sweeping gun control. Charleston, Newtown, Columbine… People keep dying and cowards keep talking about the need for more guns. Earlier, Christians were forced to identify themselves and shot. Due to our loose gun laws, today Roseburg sounds more like ISIS than the US. Deranged […]