Three Months After the Death of Joseph Hutcheson: Words


  We gather three months to the day after the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department murdered Joseph Hutcheson. We are not far at all from the spot where Joseph pulled his truck up on the curb in desperate need of help. We can see where Joseph walked up that hill in desperate need of help. We […]

Standing in the Need of Prayer


What happened? What was that? I felt something. It was more than something. It felt like a kick in the soul. I am overwhelmed. The blades turn. The dim lights interrupt the dark of this cold night. In the tiniest space I have ever been forced into…something happened. The final instructions come in from the […]

The Complicity of Silence

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 9.05.08 AM

  Even in a society comfortable with violence, the video stands out. In the midst of a classroom dispute at Spring Valley High School, Richland County Sheriff’s Deputy Ben Fields grabbed the desk of a young female student and slammed her backward to the ground. If that wasn’t brutal enough, the Deputy then drug her […]

The Greatest Narcissist of Them All: God


For the last few days, I’ve been involved in the gathering of a new progressive evangelical organization called OPEN. Throughout our time together, we’ve been asked by hipster music leaders to stand up and sing with all our might. In song after song, we sing about how awesome, wonderful, majestic, amazing and powerful God is. […]

The Heresy of Quiet Times


  “Jesus happens in quiet times.” Growing up, I remember a minister consistently using this line to guilt us into regular quiet times. We were told that these daily times of personal prayer and Bible study were what made us Christians. We were not alone. Throughout the Christian faith, there exists this strange idea that […]

The National Association of Evangelicals/Executioners


  For years, I’ve heard rumors that the National Association of Evangelicals was planning to change their stance on the death penalty. When I heard that major evangelical figures were lobbying the organization to move to abolition, I grew more and more excited. Yesterday, I saw evangelical writer Jonathan Merritt’s post, “This is HUGE news […]

The Times I Lose My Mind


  I once spent over $14,000 on books in one month. I sold and spent anything I could get my hands on. I would’ve done anything to buy more books. In fourth grade, I was paranoid of tornadoes. Day after day, I fought anyone who attempted to force me outside. I once tried to cut […]

The Closing Prayer at WE ARE NOT AFRAID: LGBTQ Responses to Hate


*Prayer given on 10/11/15 at a rally to respond to recent beatings and murders in the Dallas Gayborhood. Almighty God…you are known by many names and found by many paths…we thank you for your presence with us tonight. Let us first apologize to you and our neighbors. We repent for all the times that we […]

The Prayer at the End of the Walk to Stop Executions


*Closing Prayer at the Walk to Stop Executions at Trinity Episcopal Church in Columbus, Ohio Almighty God…We know you by many names…but today we gather for a primary purpose of abolition…but first we must repent. We repent that we wake up most days and don’t give a shit about the death penalty. We repent that […]

Queer Cosmology and the Penalty of Death


*Lecture delivered in Columbus, Ohio on 10/9/2015   Queer theorists and theologians push against boundaries and borders until they are no more and the individual is liberated to exist in the perfect freedom that is being. Cosmologists study origins and the development of the universe. Tonight, I intend to push us into a queer cosmological […]