The Consequences of the Tape: Pursuing Justice for Joseph Hutcheson

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    For the last month, I have fought for the Sheriff of Dallas County to release the video of the death of Joseph Hutcheson in the lobby of the Dallas County Jail. I have watched it over and over again. Without question, this is an instance of police brutality. The deputies took Hutcheson to […]

Fighting for Joseph Hutcheson: The Battle for the Tape


  Desperate for help, Joseph Hutcheson parked his truck on the curb of the Lew Sterrett Justice Center in Dallas and ran inside. Upon entering, Hutcheson screamed, “Don’t hurt me, I just need some help.” The deputies tackled him. As Hutcheson screamed that he couldn’t breathe, a witness described one deputy restraining Hutcheson with “a […]

The Homophobia of Sandra Bland

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Words have consequences. We have all spoken words that we wished we hadn’t. However, our words often reveal what is going on in our hearts. When Sandra Bland made a video on March 31, 2015 describing sexuality as a choice and belittling the oppression that queer people face, she had no way of knowing the […]

Running Toward Evil


Mornings are hard. I think my medicine gets low. Placing one foot in front of the other, I pushed toward the bathroom and took a pill. Immediately, I start feeling better. I always take the pill before I see my kids.   Though I speak on many panels, I was nervous about this one. Often, […]

Social Pain


  * This interaction is derived from a recent conversation that I had with the Rev. Dr. Garth Baker-Fletcher at his home where he is recovering from hip surgery. A retired professor, Baker-Fletcher is the author of Somebodyness: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Theory of Dignity (1993), Xodus: An African-American Male Journey (1996), My Sister, My Brother (with his […]

Joseph Hutcheson and a Failure of Identity Politics


  “Why???” The tearful words of James Hutcheson echoed loudly against the jail. Throughout last Friday’s press conference, the events of August 1 kept running through my mind.   Desperate for help, Joseph Hutcheson parked his truck on the curb of the Lew Sterrett Justice Center in Dallas and ran inside. Upon entering, Hutcheson screamed, “Don’t […]

We Forgot Ms. Shade.


  Less than a hundred feet from residences, local authorities discovered the badly decomposed body of a transgender woman of color. The Dallas Police Department put out a detailed description of the body and asked for help. For two weeks, no one seemed to know who this woman was. When the woman was finally identified […]

The Brutality We Ignore


  Under the auspices of enforcing the law, they came to the door. Grabbing the unarmed man, they forced him down the hallway. With every step, the man pleaded for his life. Opening the door, they forced him down. After multiple shots, they declared, “We feared for our lives and had to kill him.” The […]

Christian Taylor Did Not Die in Vain


* Despite my physical absence, I just sent in this statement for tonight’s rally for Christian Taylor in Arlington, Texas.  “I don’t struggle to understand where God is when unarmed bodies keep hitting the pavement. I know that God stands with the brutalized. The case of Christian Taylor is a reminder of where God is […]

The Indictment of the Institutional Church


    “Can you imagine Jesus sitting on his ass while people are gunned down in the street? Why do we? Cowardice is the highest level of evil and it exists in abundance in the institutional church. By doing nothing as bodies drop, the institutional church might as well be firing the guns. We will […]