The Ability of Pain: A Visit & Theological Conversation with Rev. Dr. Garth Baker-Fletcher


    * This interaction is derived from a recent conversation that I had with Rev. Dr. Garth Baker-Fletcher at a rehabilitation facility where he is recovering from hip surgery. A retired professor, Baker-Fletcher is the author of Somebodyness: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Theory of Dignity (1993), Xodus: An African-American Male Journey (1996), […]

The Vision


The Vision Blindness/Can you see me? Fear/Can you see me? Pain/Can you see me? Terror/Can you see me? Death/Can you see me? Consciousness/Can you see me? Hope/Can you see me? Vitality/Can you see me? Life/Can you see me? For thine is the way and the truth…///and the life? Amen.

The Vagina of Jesus


“How dare you insinuate Jesus had a vagina!” The woman was livid. In my talk, I stumbled on the most disturbing idea she’d ever been presented with. With church doctrine and dogma over the centuries in mind, the thought of Jesus having a vagina didn’t seem too out there for me. Since the earliest days […]

The Intern Monologues: Eden


  J: Do you remember a place called Eden?   C: Growing up in a context where the Bible was considered infallible, inspired, and fully authoritative, I remember beginning every Vacation Bible School (VBS) with the story found in Genesis. Where did you first come in contact with Eden?   J: I don’t feel like […]

Dr. Robert Jeffress Deports Jesus: A Cautionary Tale


  Miracles weren’t supposed to happen on nights like that. Gunshots filled the air. Violence was everywhere. Already feeling the contractions, Maria was desperate to find refuge. Just when Maria thought she wasn’t going to make it one more step, a woman opened the door of her shack and invited her in. Within the hour, […]

Raw Theology at Be Loved


  The Be Loved Community is full of surprisingly raw theology. Rev. Amy Cantrell founded and leads the ministry that feeds hundreds of people each week at a small house near downtown Asheville, North Carolina. I was thankful for the invitation to be in such a space. Though I delivered a sermon, I felt like […]

Confession Not Deflection


After hearing an acquaintance make two racist remarks, I insinuated that his remarks were problematic. I didn’t respond in violently. I simply tried to steer my acquaintance in a better direction. Instead of acknowledging any error, my acquaintance kept making deflecting comments. “Aren’t we all just a little racist?” I tried again and my acquaintance […]

Ruminations from the Cross

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I did not kill I tried to heal I was not fake I can’t escape I have tried to scream I’m on your team You do not listen Because God put me in this position I am dying I will I will not I will Dreams turned to nightmares so quickly Then back to dreams […]

The Intern Monologues: Communion


  J: What do you think happens during communion?   C: Communion is the place where we fully encounter the other. We are reminded the way of Jesus is broken and shared among us all. What do you think?   J: I believe the elements become God as we ingest them together. We are all […]