Pushing into the Darkness to Be the Light


  The children walk down the aisles of our churches waving palms all around.  Together, we reenact the celebration of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.  Palm Sundays are always festive times.  Everyone knows that the next time they gather it will be Resurrection Sunday and Jesus will have won a great victory over death.  The problem […]

Finding Inspiration on Immigration in Strange Places // When Jeb Bush Sounded Like Jesus

photo by Gage Skidmore //

  I believe that there are rare moments when a person speaks to a political issue yet transcends political discussion to capture the clarity of one of the deepest pieces of all of our humanity…namely an ability to see love and speak of it for what it is.  I doubt I will ever vote for […]

Hand Washing: The Case of Ramiro Hernandez-Llanas


  When injustices take place, there are always hand washers.  To absolve his self of the responsibility of the execution of Jesus, Pilate washed his hands.  The judges that sit on the numerous courts that have turned down the appeals of Ramiro Hernandez-Llanas have washed their hands of the burden of his execution.  The governor […]

Actions Talk and Bullshit Walks: The Story of A Real Christian: Major Kathy Cox of the Salvation Army: Witness to 60+ Executions in Texas


I was scared the first time I visited Texas’ Death Row.  I knew no one and had no one to talk to.  The rules about interaction are very strict…do not interact with anyone except the guards and the person you are visiting.  I was sitting there in my visitation booth and I heard a whisper.  […]

The Danger of Calls to The Wilderness: A Lenten Response to Rachel Held Evans and Other Progressive Evangelicals


  The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is a chief producer and promulgator of spiritual abuse.  The guilt and judgment sucked the oxygen out of my body and soul and literally almost killed me on more than one occasion.  I left with a degree and a broken faith in humanity and God.  During this emotionally exhaustive […]

The Danger of Being Called Pastor / Thoughts the Night Before Death Row


  The sky has been dark all afternoon.  Lately, it seems the sky is always dark.  The drive down was longer than usual.  Tonight, I sit in a hotel room.  Tomorrow, I will be on Texas’ Death Row visiting inmate Will Speer.   I had a tremendous amount of time to think on the way […]