poetics under fire or verse written with my son sitting on me on a flight to dallas-fort worth


  bart bart screamed out and everyone told him not to shout the one they called crazy blind man screamed out and go to see again we will not open the eyes of the blind until we scream out about the oppression we find the sign everyone demands a sign from god but perhaps the […]

A Love Letter to Mark Driscoll


  *Mark Driscoll is the Founding Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington.   Mark,   I was 12.  I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.   I prayed and prayed.  I walked down the aisle multiple times.  I felt no assurance that I was truly a follower of Jesus and I couldn’t figure out why.   […]

A Girl Named Peter and the Path to God


    Welcome to Lent.  This is not a time of celebration for the fuzz that sometimes inhabits your pockets.  Rather this is a time of reflection for seeking and being.  We gather this morning on a dark mysterious dot in the middle of the cosmos traveling into time and space as a community of people.  This is a […]

The Danger of Missions in a World Desperate for Salvation


The religious world of my youth was filled with stories of so-called courageous missionaries who gave their lives so that so-called savages would come to know Jesus Christ.  The more extreme the stories got the more folks seemed to find their way down the center aisle of the gathering to give their lives to going […]

The Push of the Ashes: A Manifesto of Defiance for Clergy Colleagues


  The words of ash and dust on this day are intended to usher us into a space of mourning and repentance toward God…but who is placing the ashes on our churches?  The churches that dot our landscapes have become consistently consistent at discarding the least of these for a false sense of unity.  The […]

apoem: the why of ashe wednesday


  ashes to ashes dust to dust the beginning of when ashes to ashes dust to dust the incarnation of what ashes to ashes dust to dust the end of where ashes to ashes dust to dust the repeat of who ashes to ashes dust to dust the beginning of when-the incarnation of what-the end […]

A Sermon Entitled “Jesus for President” or The Reason I Will Never Endorse a Political Candidate


  The church of my youth had a bad habit of mixing political candidates with spirituality.  I am a child of the culture wars.  I remember one Sunday morning our pastor gave a sermon entitled, “Jesus for President.”  The pastor told us that he would not tell us who to vote for and then proceeded […]

The Guys with the Guns on the Denton Square


  The ice pellets hit my head as I negotiated the icy sidewalk.  I heard a bunch of rustling to my right and looked up.  Ten men walked past me carrying large guns.  The flags and signs the men carried read, “Come and take it” or “Don’t tread on me.”  I wondered who these folks […]

My First Job in Ministry, Forgiveness & the Imperfect Pursuit of Perfection


  Forgiveness is not something I am good at…but I know it is something that I need to do.  This is a short talk based around an experience…the experience was and is mine…but the discussion topic of forgiveness is for all of us.  I began my ministry in a very small town in Alabama.  I […]