I am, Ground of Being and the Courage to Be : A Dangerous Proposition


  The dying can really teach the living the power of being.  Then again, I guess we are all dying whether we grasp it or not.  Perhaps in this moment of time, we might all be better served if we were dying.  For in the realization that we are dying, we gain an ability to […]

apoem: 1 Corinthians 13:13

in the end these three remain   faith fullness of finding assuming no answers intensities of impossibilities total transformations highlighting the hidden   hope heal the hate opposition to oppression past power equalities for everywhere   love laugh the loudest opportunities for the other victorious vastness effective beyond earth   but the greatest of these […]

Empathy is An Act of Imagination

Empathy is a challenging word.  What does it mean to attempt to try to understand or relate to the feelings and pain of another?  I was sitting at an event in Dallas tonight when someone declared empathy to be an act of imagination.  I was moved by these words and wondered where I lack imaginative […]

Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa, Jesus & the Space Between


  In our first gathering as a church, we spent time wrestling with what it means to be created queer in the image of a Queer God.  We explored what it looks like to birth the Queer from within following the example of Jesus.  We dreamed of what it looks like for the Queer Spirit […]

The Year of Living Dangerously : The Dangerous God


  Welcome to the year of living dangerously!  On this day I begin with a dangerous question…What type of God will we give Quinley?  What type of God will we give to this tiny baby that we have just baptized?  The answer to this or that question is the same answer to the question…What type […]

The Baptism of Quinley Mandela Dillard Hood


  This is Quinley Mandela Dillard Hood…a child of the living God.   On this day we have gathered to pour water over the head of this child as an outward symbol of an inward grace that has sealed his name and person in love for all time and beyond.   Quinley you were and […]