Beyond The Language of G-O-D

by Jeremy Negus

    This morning we celebrate and remember the visit of the wise men or wise persons or wise women or wise folks to the home of a young Jesus.  The wise folks came from the east or from deeper into what we now call Asia.  They followed a star in the sky with a […]

Theology from Death Row : Letter 1 / The Nature of God / Jeff Hood to Will Speer

  This letter is the first in a series of letters that Texas Death Row Inmate Will Speer and I are writing to create a theology from death row.  Will and I have known each other since June 2013 and visit in person once a month.  In our last visit, we decided we wanted to […]

Embrace the Incarnation: A Christmas Message


  On the way to church tonight, I drove past many churches large and small filling up with people.  I would imagine that most of the pastors of these churches will begin their sermons with some variation of, “Over two thousand years ago in a town called Bethlehem a child was born…”  Throughout my life, […]

The Way and Bethlehem

  Over two thousand years ago in a stable filled with shit, Mary cried out with loud labor pains.  While all the shepherds and angels were singing in the fields outside of town, Mary was pushing out a baby.  If she was anything like my wife Emily, I know there were moments that she wanted […]

Response to Being Given the 2013 Fort Worth PFLAG Equality Award


    I accept the Fort Worth PFLAG Equality Award on behalf of all people who hunger and thirst for justice and righteousness.  It is a truly humbling moment to be recognized as an activist and minister.  These are not professions and paths one chooses for status and recognition.  Nevertheless, I thank you from the […]

Phil Robertson and the United Methodist Church


  Though I find it dreadful and disgusting, this whole Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty controversy over the past week has not been all that shocking to me.  In fact, I grew up with Phil Robertson.  Not literally of course, but I have always known people like Phil who make hateful homophobic and bigoted comments and claim […]

An Invitation to Birth


  Is there any doubt that birth is the theme of this time of year?  My wife Emily and I welcomed our third child Quinley into the world just last week.  We will celebrate the birth of Jesus in a few weeks.  It seems that everywhere we turn there is talk of birth.  Tonight will […]

Birth and the Queer

a community painting

    Birth and the Queer   Toward the end of the first chapter of the Gospel of Luke, we find Elizabeth and Zechariah about to welcome a son named John.  You can substitute the names Bob or Elaine for Elizabeth or Zechariah or take away names and make the people whoever or whatever relationship […]

The Baby of Belief


In Luke 1:39-56, a baby named John leaps inside of Elizabeth at the sight of Mary and then Mary praises God for the baby growing inside her named Jesus.  In John 1:1, Jesus is called the word that was, is and will be God.  These passages both describe beautiful divine mysteries and reveal speak of […]

The Birth of a Child & The Changing of a Fresh Name : A Living Tribute to Nelson Mandela


  “You are the light of the world.”  -Matthew 5:14   Jesus spoke these words in the infamous Sermon on the Mount.  Throughout my life, these words have signified what I have tried so hard to be…light.  I have constantly sought light.   Early this morning, I jumped into a birthing pool in our living […]