Jesus Has AIDS


World AIDS Day 2013   In the end of the 25th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus mentions taking care of the sick and judges the nations based on a simple premise, “what you have failed to do for the least of these you have failed to do for me.”  Jesus consistently incarnates or […]

apoem: if god be in / a queer rhyme for a queer time


  if god be in the sky then what good is such a god for those who can’t fly if god be in the ocean then what good is such a god for those who can’t swim if god be in silence then what good is such a god for those whose minds can’t stop […]

The Courage to Feel a Resurrection

by Jeremy Massey

What a stunning Easter in November!  It is freezing, sleeting and possibly snowing outside and there is little indication of the vibrant warmth of Spring that we usually associate with Easter, but we have come to the end of our journey through the Gospel of John and so we press on into the resurrection story. […]

Stop the Damned Drilling!


  I will admit that environmental issues have never been one of the driving forces of my ministry and spiritual activism.  While I have a deep respect for those who fight for the environment, there are just a plethora of other issues that have drawn my attention over the past decade.  Tonight was different.   […]

The Crucifixion of Jesus, Transgender Day of Remembrance & Crimes of Hate


  In our journey through the Gospel of John, we find ourselves today experiencing Good Friday in November.  When I consider that we will also commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance this week, it doesn’t seem all that out of the ordinary.  For what we are talking about today is a crime of hate that was […]

The Execution of Jamie Bruce McCoskey & The Prayer of Life


  In 1993, a jury in Harris County convicted Jamie Bruce McCoskey of kidnap and murder of Michael Keith Dwyer.  In addition to these crimes, McCoskey was also accused of raping Dwyer’s fiancé.  The sentence was death and that sentence is to be carried out in Huntsville, Texas today November 12 at 6pm.  I don’t […]

The Risky Queer Path of Love


We begin this morning with Jesus immersed deep in thought.  There is a crime of hate coming, but wasn’t it always.  Jesus was simply too queer for a world that demanded neat identities and boundaries.   This morning there are many of us who feel similarly.  We know that to challenge the acceptable identities and […]

Pastors for Texas Children & The Fight for Neighborhood Schools


  In the Christian creation myth, God creates humanity.  Upon creation, God invites humanity to go and name their world.  In the midst of the naming story, it becomes obvious that God educated and guided humanity on what to do.  Throughout time, it has been the human responsibility to continue to educate and guide younger […]

Energy = God?


  What do you believe God is?  I think most people think about God as a being.  Some might even think of God as a human.  I think there are even those who think that God has a penis…those who constantly refer to God as he.  Regardless, this morning we find ourselves thinking about Jesus […]

apoem: death penalty penalty death

*written on November 2 at the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Lobby Corp training. i dreamed of love and justice execution is dead said the fairy of texas i couldn’t believe the words proceeding from the window of the truck then i opened my eyes and awoke from my stupor i knew it […]