Things Grow Queerer or From Mable Peabody’s to My House to Beyond


    Let us not delay in stating the obvious.  We are meeting this morning in my house.  We find ourselves in this space after many conversations about the need to find a new space to meet on Sunday mornings.  Though our parting with Mable Peabody’s was quite amicable, we are still meeting this morning […]

The Queer is Out

  Excited to announce the release of The Queer, a colloquial interpretation of the Gospel of John. “When God embodies those we marginalize, strange things happen. Peace, hope and love manifest in unimaginable ways. This is the tale of the Queer.” This text is used in worship every Sunday morning at The Church at Mable […]

Betrayal, Love & Feet

God of Feet

    In the thirteenth chapter of John, the closer Jesus gets to the inevitable moment of execution, the more we discover hate bubbling below and above the surface.  In these hours, Jesus teaches us many things.  We learn that to respond to hate with anything less than love is to live as something less […]

peace and love does not include vengeance and violence


I have heard much talk of peace over the past few months.  As someone who seeks peace, any talk of peace should be comforting and encouraging that the world is moving in a positive direction.  Rather than comforting and encouraging, I have found recent talk of peace to be downright scary.   I have found […]

National Coming Out Day: Another Sunday Incident, Jesus, & Me/You


    This morning we sit firmly between the juxtaposition of safety and risk.  Since we opened the doors of this church, we have consistently dealt with such juxtaposition.  Last week, I had a few guys scream “fuck you faggot” at me and later put glass underneath my tires.  This week we had a religious […]

A Church Under Attack


Like every Sunday morning, I arrived early at Mable Peabody’s Beauty Parlor and Chainsaw Repair Shop to set up for church.  The musicians were inside and I was outside unloading my car.  I had my back to the parking lot when all of a sudden from behind me I heard repetitively, “Fuck You Faggot!”  I […]

The Danger of Language


I met a young Jewish woman tonight.  We were drawn into a conversation about energy, love, and the universe.  Though our language was different, the more we talked the more I found my spirit deeply connected to her spirit.  I found her to be an inspired child of God…even the incarnation of Jesus for me […]