Love is the Way


  Jesus was a man under attack.   Jesus lovingly healed a blind man and the Pharisees simply didn’t like it.   Jesus responded to them by extolling the virtues of both God and love.  Jesus declared all loves without sacrifice to be partial loves.  Jesus declares that love will never die.  Jesus states that […]

Remarks from the Inaugural Denton Meeting of Pastors for Texas Children


This afternoon we pastors, educators, students, and social workers gather to express our concern about a lack of funding for public education in Texas.  The voices and paths represented here are varied but our conclusions are the same…public education is at the forefront of issues of social justice.  The local public school system remains one […]

The Blind Man


  Jesus was walking down the street and saw a man who was blind.  The story that follows reveals much about human nature and the world that we live in.   Jesus places mud pies on the eyes of the man and tells him to go wash them out in order to enact the healing.  […]



In John 8, Jesus saves the life of an adulterous woman by getting down in the dirt between her and the patriarchal Pharisees.  Not long after, people are skeptical of who gives him the authority to do such a thing.  Jesus responds in John 8:12, “I am the light of the world.”   The scriptures […]

apoem: eight-year-old commits suicide

eight-year-old commits suicide those were the words in the newspaper i read how can someone so young now be dead   the motivation was to leave the bullying behind how does evil manifest in children so young they are supposed to be outside playing and having fun   god i am pissed at you again […]

“Standing Against Patriarchy, War & the Self Takes Courage”


  In the beginning of the eighth chapter of John we find Jesus in the middle of a scuffle.  There is a woman thrown at the feet of Jesus.  The Pharisees in all of their patriarchal glory have aggressively brought this woman in and said that they found her in the very act of adultery.  […]

“Turn Off the Swerve & Embrace Your Destiny”


In the seventh chapter of John we find Jesus teaching at the Temple.  Folks are murmuring about the bravery of Jesus to just go to the front of the Temple and start teaching.  Some are murmuring that Jesus is a fraud.  Some are murmuring that Jesus is exactly what they have all been waiting for.  […]

Remarks Upon Ending My Fast For Peace in Syria

This very hour marks the third day I have gone without food to pray for true peace in Syria.  While most fasts are silent, I have chosen for this fast to not be so in order to draw attention to the devastating consequences of further military intervention in Syria.  President Obama has said that there […]