Remarks at The March for The Beloved Community

  We gather this morning in the midst of impending war in Syria, economic injustice, skyrocketing rates of violence worldwide, and a relative state of injustice…yet still we gather.  We gather because in this moment we choose to believe that God has created humanity for love and not for hate.  We gather because over 50 […]

I Will Not Eat! A Response to Possible Intervention in Syria

Conflict in Aleppo, Syria - 03 Oct 2012

My heart is deeply troubled.  The leader of the nation that I live in has started to contemplate dropping bombs again.  I voted for the leader.  I helped buy the bombs.  Though I have no control over the decisions being made, I am responsible for what happens next.   The bombs will unquestionably escalate a […]

apoem: “martin’s dream and us”


read at the august 25, 2013 service of the church at mable peabody’s:   fifty years ago… the prophetic words rang out because from a few rows back one woman had the courage to shout mahalia jackson declared “tell them about the dream martin”   justice was spoken like a song and the people were […]

“Jesus in Drag”


    In the seventh chapter of the Gospel of John, Jesus is found in the midst of a verbal assault perpetrated by the family of Jesus.  They were ashamed of who Jesus most authentically was.  They were even more disturbed by Jesus’ insistence on claiming his authentic or actualized self.  Sound familiar?   So […]

apoem: “absence: a reflection of faith”


you were here and now you are not you were there and now you are not you were somewhere and now you are not   in our everywheres we find our strongest reality is god not more than sentimentality but a presence that seems elusive or perhaps conducive to our lives   shall we die […]

“I’m Here! Presence in the Storms and Parades of Life”

"Blossoming Presence in the Midst of Storm"

  In life we consistently encounter storms.  Some are big.  Some are small.  The truth for me is that I seem to always be walking into a storm, through a storm, or out of a storm.  I think this is the case for any person who is actually living.  I actually would argue that if […]

Queer Love or God Finds Us in Queer Spaces


“Queer Love or God Finds Us in Queer Spaces”   George Berry is a large man with a round face, stunning smile, and large eyes that beam through rather hip slightly oversized spectacles.  I visit George as often as I can.  He lives in another part of Texas and is unable to travel.  During our […]

Being a Feeder


There was a multitude of people who were interested in what Jesus had to say.  Now I say interested, remember that just because they were following Jesus doesn’t mean they believed shit.  They were interested or perhaps they were lost just following the crowd.   Jesus looked out at the people and knew that they […]

apoem: “the hidden danger of privilege”

you confront me and want me to see that i am privileged   i agree with you and begin to work on myself but if ever i disagree with you again about anything else   you assault me you shit on me you silence me you hate me you kill me you dehumanize me and […]

“What does belief look like? Just Run.”


The great question of this hour is ‘What does belief look like?’   We find Jesus this morning in John chapter 5 in the aftermath of a healing.  The religious leaders are pissed that Jesus would have the audacity to heal on the Sabbath.  The audacity of the healing was that Jesus left the boundaries […]