A Plea for Universal Healthcare

  There was a pool in Jesus’ day where folks who were blind, lame, paralyzed, and had other disabilities laid.  The folks lay at this pool because every once in a while an angel of God would come down and stir up the water.  The first one into the pool would be healed of their […]

apoem: “is this what you call love?”

thoughts in a break of time   is this what you call love? you hit me you hug me   you curse me you praise me   you fight me you embrace me   you hate me you love me   who are you i don’t know someone who claims to love me so   […]

apoem : “The Activist”


are you fake i don’t know   is our fate truly hate or is it love a construct you seem to never dream of   are you fake i don’t know   is our goal to heal or to kill think about it to heal you must learn how to feel   are you fake […]

God is Sweet. Love is Sweet. Now, go and be the sweetness…

    This morning we arrive back in the aftermath of a restoration of love.  The woman at the well was granted sight of herself and the world around her.  Jesus loved past the society of the time’s barriers of race and class to actually see and restore a human being.   The events of […]

Remarks Upon the Retirement of Chief Jeff Hood…My Dad


  It is an honor for my family and I to be with you today to honor my father, the one you have known in recent years as Chief and Emergency Management Director Jeff Hood.  For many years, we have served alongside my dad.  In the early years, it was pretty cool to get to […]

apoem : AMEN


amen   you are a word which speaks so much by actually saying so little i ponder your mystery   the way you ring loudly from the throat the way you slide softly from the lips the way you whip violently around the tongue the  way   the truth when you say stop the truth […]

The Woman, Transgender Person, & George Zimmerman at the Well

  This morning we gather to meet each other in hopes that by meeting we might find community and in community we might find love and in love we might find answers somewhere in the dark mysteries of the universe.   We encounter Jesus meeting a Samaritan woman at the well.  The Samaritan woman was […]

Prayer at Justice for Trayvon Martin Rally in Denton, Texas


Pleasant evening, I am Jeff Hood, The Pastor of the Church at Mable Peabody’s.  I am a pastor and in times of difficulty pastors pray.  So I come to offer you a prayer.   God, I come to you at this difficult hour to beseech you for justice.   Tonight, my heart is heavy for […]

apoem : The Judas Remix


you called me to be your disciple you asked me to watch all the money we took in the other disciples were always jealous because I was your man   we walked over country after country to tell the people of god’s great love i was there for all the miracles and saw things others […]

“Loving Justice Enough to Shut Up and Let Others Get the Credit for Achieving It”


In the third chapter of John, we find two baptizers, one named Jesus and the other named John the Baptist.  Both had disciples and both were preaching justice as the way to love.   A rabble rouser came up and challenged John the Baptist and his disciples, “Why is that guy Jesus over there baptizing more […]