“Daring to Love Beyond the Closet of Our Boundaries”


    This is the story of Nicodemus…an establishment figure who dared to visit a man proclaiming love…the one called Jesus.   The Visit   Nicodemus was an establishment figure… a man of enormous prominence in both civil and religious society and governance.  Think of it as being both a Roman Catholic Bishop and deputy […]

Remarks on SCOTUS Decision in the Denton Record Chronicle

March Pic

From the Denton Record Chronicle: The Rev. Jeff Hood, pastor at The Church at Mable Peabody’s Beauty Parlor & Chainsaw Repair in Denton, said Wednesday’s Supreme Court decisions were ones affirming humanity and love. Established March 31, the church membership is 95 percent lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered, he said. “One of the things that […]

Speech at The Denton Day of Decision Rally


Friends this evening I have a question for you… Do you believe in the power of love? Do you believe in the power of love? Do you believe in the power of love? I am Rev. Jeff Hood…Pastor of The Church at Mable Peabody’s…a fabulously queer community.  I arise tonight…as a Queer American…to celebrate…this unquestionably […]

The Religious Case for Queer Marriage


First of all, this is not a post about gay marriage…as I am not interested in any continuation of hints of sexism…rather I will be talking about queer marriage.  Queer marriage is a broad construct that seeks the right of all people to marry whoever they love.   I found out recently that our church, […]


Truth to One

    In the second chapter of the Gospel of John verse 13, we find Jesus confronting a grave injustice.  The money changers and sellers of sacrifices were cheating the people out of their money.  Jesus responded by making a whip of chords, meaning Jesus had a little while to think about what happened next.  […]

“The Water into Wine”


We continue this morning with my forthcoming publication, a modern queer translation of the Gospel of John, The Queer, in the second chapter…   The Queer attended the wedding of a friend in Argyle.   Today, we find Jesus or the Queer in the midst of a wedding celebration.  Weddings are special times to celebrate […]

The Danger of Identity

  In John 8:25, the religious leaders asked Jesus, “Who are you?”   Jesus was asked the same question of identity that we often are…and often the same question of identity that we ask our selves. I sat with a young man at our church a few nights ago that had one question on his […]

“The Courage to Move”

The Specs of Mobility

*My sermon was read aloud in my absence at The Church at Mable Peabody’s.  It is based on the second half of the first chapter of the Gospel of John.   I apologize for my absence this morning.  I have grown to know absence quite well this weekend.  I lost my dear grandfather and friend, […]

“A Sermonic Eulogy for Ray Emory Hood”

A Sermonic Eulogy for Ray Emory Hood

Last Thursday evening, I was on my way down to Livingston, Texas.  I minister to a gentleman on Texas’ death row and I was headed to the state prison.  Somewhere along a lonely highway, I received a phone call.  My mother informed me that my grandfather was dead.  I cried softly.  Later, one of my […]

“The Queer is Here”

Stories from The Church at Mable Peabody's

This is not just the beginning of a study for our church. This is a journey to the very heart of who we believe God to be.   Queer folk have consistently been read, translated and interpreted out of the Bible since the beginning.  This was not the message of Jesus.  The message of Jesus […]