“Getting Over Our Fear”

Getting Over Our Fear

Fear is a dastardly construction.  It creates boundaries, gives directions, and yells commands.  Fear loudly tells us where we can and cannot go and what we can and cannot be.  We have created this space to fight against the fear that bites at us out there. Like the disciples many years ago, we have all […]

The Root of War is Fear

The Root of War is Fear

  I taught a lesson this morning based on an essay by Thomas Merton entitled, “The Root of War is Fear.”  In this essay, Merton argues that fear is created by insecurity and insecurity provokes response.  We can choose to respond to insecurity in a violent or nonviolent fashion.  When we respond violently we are […]

A Poem for Moore, Oklahoma

Where the fuck is God when all these people die?   Where the fuck is God when mothers and fathers cry?   Where the fuck is God when only the cameras are there to address the pain?   Where the fuck is God when nothing is ever going to be the same?   I don’t […]

“Getting Over Our Fear of Hope”

The Fire

    “Suddenly a violent rushing wind from heaven filled the entire house where they were sitting.  Tongues of fire distributed and rested on each person.  Everyone was filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in the utterances of the Spirit.  There were religious folk living in Jerusalem, from every nation on earth.  […]

A Tale of Two Pastors


The sun was rising over the volcanoes and glistening on the water as we sped across the lake.  The boat was made of straight fiberglass and really rocked your bum with every wave, but I didn’t care.  I was deep in thought, pondering all the people who gave their lives in the villages along the […]

The Fiction of Neutrality


  On the mountainside in a small rural Guatemalan village, the morning was dark and cold.  Everyone was on high alert.  The army had entered the town overnight under the cover of darkness.  The soldiers demanded that men go to their places of worship for meetings with government officials.  The small Methodist church in town […]

Environmental Consciousness and Gender Equality


The mountains seemed to grow fiercer with every turn of the wheel.  Then we stopped and stepped out to a place that seemed frozen in time.  A forest as lush as any I have ever seemed.  I asked our Mayan guides why this mountain was so lush and the other mountains were so barren.  The […]



  I met a forest of trees this morning.  The pines exploded toward the sky like rockets.  The ground was covered in a dense rug of clovers.  There were no borders in this sanctuary, just an invitation for communion.  I spoke the words of Jesus to the trees in this place, “I was a stranger […]

An Incarnation in Guatemala

Rios Montt

“16 of my friends and classmates disappeared.” “My brother had his testicles cut out with razor blades and bled to death.” “My cousin had all of his fingernails pulled out before he was shot in the head.” “Our bishop was beat to death with one rock.” “The soldiers consistently remarked, ‘The best way to stop […]

Hate Translates: A Lesson in Guatemala

The Church in Santiago Atitlan

San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala   When I stepped off the boat in San Pedro La Laguna, I was greeted by a giant poster proclaiming, “Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father but through him.”  Now, I have been a Christian long enough to know that posters […]