“Getting Over Our Fear of Jesus”

I spent most of my early life terrified of Jesus.  Our church taught about hell much more than it taught about grace and mercy.  We seemed to learn much more about the Book of Revelation and getting left behind by God than we learned about the Gospels and the message of Jesus.  To make a […]

“Resurrecting Justice”

This has been a difficult week.   In Boston, Krystle Campbell, Lingzi Lu, Sean Collier, and eight-year-old Martin Richard were all killed in a heinous crime spree.   In West, Texas, 14 people were killed.  Most of them first responders and firefighters, just like my dad.   We mourn and hurt for those killed.  We […]

“Resurrecting Hope”

What does hope look like?   Can you smell it?  Can you hear it?  Can you taste it?  Can you hold it?  Can you see it?   I held a bottle of pills in my hand one time.  I unscrewed the cap.  I put the pills in my mouth.  I was a student at the […]

“Resurrecting Love”

What is love?   People have been asking this question for a long time.  How do you define love?  I think the best answer that I have ever heard is: “I know it when I feel it.”  I think it is far easier to tell someone what love is not, rather than what love is.  […]