Jesus Doesn’t Live In Your Neighborhood

  “I ain’t racist or nothing, I just had to get away from all the crime.” Of course, when anyone says they’re not racist…they are. Curious of the man’s thinking, I enquired further, “Are you sure that’s what it’s all about?” “Well, I also felt like I’d be a better witness for Jesus if I […]

Cursing God

  A few days ago, I heard an interesting exchange at the gas station. After a man dropped all of his change at the pump, he loudly exclaimed, “God Dammit!” Immediately, someone at the next pump responded, “My God’s last name is not dammit!” The coin dropper replied, “Are you kidding?” The gas pumper got […]

The Evil of Communion

  Communion is one of the most consistent and sacred practices in the Christian world. Instituted by Jesus, the practice is intended to draw people closer to Jesus and each other. Recently, I’ve been considering what the fullness or complete embodiment of communion is. We have to assume that since Jesus is both the totality […]

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