The Tall Grass

  The Tall Grass Neighbor to the Water Creates a Hole Beauty Grows The Greens The Blues Remind Me of You North Dakota Driving Well Fighting Back Against All Hell We Roll On We Can’t Stop It’s Seabeck, Washington Or Drop The Tall Grass Moving Shaking Shifting Growing Tell Me All of Your Secrets Calling […]

The Passion of Charles Moore: Two Years Later

  The Rev. Charles Moore visits me often.  For over two years now, I’ve closed my eyes and felt the pull of his flame.  The media attention is over.  Too much time has passed for most.  Our memories are so frail.  I won’t ever be able to forget.  I still see the flames.  To commemorate the […]

The Cost of Your Plate

    Would you eat beef that cost a forest? Would you eat fish that cost an ocean? Would you eat meat that cost starvation? Where are you going to put all of these animals? How are you going to stop global warming when your diet causes it? The questions of destruction are endless. The […]

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