The Tourniquet Killer?

        Tonight, the State of Texas (that’s us) executed (killed) Anthony Shore, otherwise known as the tourniquet killer.   Though the stories are slightly different, the result is the same. They were all murdered.   Laurie Tremblay was 14.   Maria Estrada was 21.   Diana Rebollar was 9.   Dana Sanchez […]

The Money: A Parable of Sorts (Part 5 of 8): The Violence

  “Fuck this shit.” Zack was beyond angry. “Another nigger coworker?!?” Heading to the door of the factory, Zack stopped. He knew the truth. “I can’t leave.” There was nowhere else he was going to find a job with this good of pay and this good of hours. “I have a child to feed now.” […]

Fighting for the DREAM: A Major Victory in Arlington

    We don’t get many outright victories. The work is hard and moral victories are what we are most accustomed to. While the knowledge that we are steadily moving the cause of justice along is satisfying, it is always a beautiful thing when justice breaks through swiftly and mightily. Just this past week, I […]

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